Sativa Seeds


Some people reach for coffee or tea to get a burst of energy, and others take a hit of cannabis from sativa seeds. These strains are known for their uplifting effects, which makes them a consumer favorite.

You can break down marijuana into indica vs. sativa seeds or a hybrid of both. Each has its distinct growing features and specific highs. The harvest from sativa cannabis seeds has many benefits, and the crops thrive in warm, dry climates.

Let’s find out more about these cultivars and take a deeper look into some of the best sativa seeds and where to buy them. Take a puff of sativa and get focused on this article.

What are sativa seeds?

Sativa seeds produce Cannabis sativa plants that originate in warm parts of the world like South America, Central America, and Southeast Asia. The crops of these seeds are usually tall with skinny leaves and elongated buds. If given the space, sativa plants can grow over 12 feet tall.

When you consume the harvest of sativa seeds, the high is energizing, uplifting, and euphoric. It’s best to consume in the day as a wake and bake or an afternoon pick me up. Generally speaking, sativa strains tend to have lower amounts of CBD and higher percentages of THC.

Indica vs. sativa seeds

The varieties of marijuana are sativa, indica, or a hybrid of the two. They’re both cannabis but produce different plant structures and effects when consumed.

Indica seeds create shorter and denser crops than sativa seeds. The leaves are wider, and the buds are compact. When you consume the harvest, it gives you increased relaxation in the body and is very sedating.

Let’s look at a chart that compares indica vs. sativa seeds.

Short plantTall plant
Dense budsElongated buds
Thick short leavesSkinny long leaves
Faster growing timeLonger growing time
Crops thrive in warm to cool temperaturesCrops love hot temperatures
Easier to growHarder to grow
Sedating effectsEnergizing effects
Body highHead high
Nighttime useDay time use

Sativa seeds benefits

In the last 20 years, more states have legalized the use of medical marijuana because of the many benefits of various conditions.

Since the harvest of sativa seeds is uplifting, many people use it medicinally and recreationally to replace coffee or other caffeine beverages. Those who suffer from fatigue, depression, and feeling lethargic because of treatment can benefit greatly from sativa strains.

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Others use sativa marijuana to reduce anxiety and worries. Consumers know that you’re more social and become a chatty Cathy when you take a few hits of cannabis from sativa seeds. You’ll be in a better mood and can easily start conversations.

Sativa strains clear your mind, and you become more open about ideas. If you work in an industry that requires inventive thoughts and creativity and needs you to be highly self-motivated, a puff of this stuff can help. You become hyper-focused and productive while bringing new proposals to the team.

How to germinate cannabis sativa seeds

When you order cannabis sativa seeds online, they arrive at your house in a dormant state. You need to germinate the seeds to start the growing process. Follow our step-by-step guide for the best results.

Before you start the process, you need to collect your supplies. You’ll need the following:

  • High-quality sativa seeds
  • Purified water
  • Tweezers
  • Paper towels
  • Plate

When you’re ready, continue with these steps:

  1. Dampen the paper towels with the purified water and ring out excess water.
  2. Place one moistened towel on the dinner plate.
  3. Put the sativa seeds on the damp towel with an inch of space between them.
  4. Place another wet paper towel over the sativa seeds.
  5. Ensure there’s no standing water by lifting the towel and checking for a puddle.
  6. Place the plate with the cannabis sativa seeds into a warm dark place, like a drawer or cupboard.
  7. Leave the sativa seeds there for 24 to 120 hours. Continuously check to make sure if the paper towels are wet. If they look dry, add more water with a spray bottle because you don’t want to saturate the seeds.
  8. Look for healthy taproots. If you see a small branch popping out of the shell of the sativa seed, you’ve been successful and are ready to plant.

How to grow cannabis sativa seeds

Growing cannabis sativa seeds is a labor of love. With the extra attention and work, you’ll love the energizing harvest. Don’t be too nervous; we have expert advice on cultivating sativa seeds for a successful yield.

The main challenge when growing sativa seeds is height. Most people don’t have rooms with ceilings that are 12 feet tall or more. If you’re an indoor grower, you need to keep the height in check.

You can help shorten the crop from cannabis sativa seeds with a few techniques. Utilize the Sea of Green or Screen of Green to encourage outward growth. Pruning methods like topping off help develop the lower parts of the crop.

Make sure you have a sufficient amount of high-quality light in your grow room. If the light is sparse, your sativa seeds’ crop tries to reach up to get more, making it taller. Install a light source on the sides of the room or reflective walls, so plants grow outward.

You can cultivate sativa seeds outdoors if you have the right climate. Regardless of whether you’re growing indoor or outdoor plants from cannabis sativa seeds, the environment needs to be dry and hot. With too much moisture, mold, mildew, and pests become an issue.

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The relative humidity needs to be from 40 to 70%, depending on the stage of growth. The temperature must be a hot 70 to 80°F. If your natural outdoor climate doesn’t correlate with these ranges, growing inside is a better option.

Depending on the sativa seed strain, you might need to add supports to the branches during the flowering stage. The skinny stems aren’t efficient for large long buds, but the nugs can grow successfully with supports.

10 of the best sativa seeds

Now we’re at the best part—choosing your sativa seeds. There are a variety of strains that are sativa leaning. Understanding the characteristics of the cannabis sativa seeds you’re purchasing helps you achieve a successful harvest.

Let’s take a look at the top sativa seeds from four different categories on our favorite seed bank. Click here to know more about it and in-depth reviews on the specific strains.

Autoflower sativa seeds

Autoflower sativa seeds are better for experienced cultivators because the crops are less forgiving. The plants start to flower at a certain point of maturity rather than when you change the lighting schedule.

Super Silver Haze autoflower

Super Silver Haze autoflower seeds produce a harvest that’s a true sativa. When you consume it, you immediately feel uplifted and happy. It contains 15 to 17% THC, giving you mental clarity and putting you in anupbeat, excellent mood. The plant matures to a moderate height for sativa seeds, making it easier to grow indoors.

Amnesia autoflower

Some of the most sought-after sativa seeds are Amnesia autoflower. This strain has won several awards because of the out-of-this-world effects. It contains 10 to 19% THC for the ultimate recreational marijuana.

Grapefruit autoflower

If you love a sweet citrus strain, Grapefruit autoflower is for you. The weed from these sativa cannabis seeds boasts 16 to 19% THC and produces beautiful buds with crystal trichomes. The plant thrives in indoor settings and flowers in just 7 to 8 weeks.

Feminized sativa seeds

Feminized sativa seeds are better for beginners because you don’t have to deal with male plants. The strains tend to be less resistant to pests and pathogens, though. You always get impressive yields from feminized seeds.

Alive feminized is known for an uplifting and energizing harvest. It’s great to use for a 5 o’clock pick me up, a wake and bake, or for an all-nighter with friends. This strain contains an impressive 20 to 27% THC, which brings you to a place of euphoria. The crop produces elongated buds with sticky resin.

Other sativa seeds that need to be in your grow room are Green Crack feminized—named by Snoop Dogg himself. The harvest contains 17 to 25% THC and produces a unique smell of sweet lemons. Growing these seeds can be a challenge, but the extra work and attention result in a beautiful and potent yield.

If you’re looking for a social strain, Stardawg feminized is the way to go. With just one hit, you’re in a giggly, joyful, carefree state of mind. You’ll love growing these sativa cannabis seeds because, during the flowering stage, the buds are bright green with fiery orange pistils and crystal-like resin.

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Pure sativa seeds

Pure sativa seeds don’t have any mix with indicas. The growing characteristics and effects when you consume these cannabis strains are true to sativas 100%. These seeds are great for true sativa lovers.

Durban Poison feminized

Durban Poison feminized is truly sativa. The crops grow tall with huge buds. When consumed, you feel like you took a shot of espresso, and you’re ready to jump-start your day. The harvest of these sativa seeds contains 13 to 16% THC. You’ll love the skunky flavor and aroma.

Jack Herer autoflower

Jack Herer autoflower is named after one of the most famous weed activists. They’re true sativa cannabis seeds and hold nine first-place awards from the High Times Cannabis Cup. When consumed, it hits you with a burst of energy and puts you in an uplifted mood. It contains 15 to 19% THC and tastes like citrus with undertones of pepper and skunk.

Dominant hybrids sativa seeds

Hybrids are a blend of indica and sativa seeds to create a more balanced high. The crop takes characteristics of both or favors one more. Hybrids are great for those who want the best of both worlds.

Original Lemon Pie feminized

If you have a sweet tooth, Original Lemon Pie feminized is perfect for you with hints of citrus. It’s a mixed hybrid of feminized sativa seeds with 70% sativa and 30% indica. The crop takes on some indica traits with its dense foliage and buds. When consumed, it’s more like a sativa, uplifting your attitude and opening your mind.

White Fire OG feminized sativa seeds

White Fire OG feminized sativa seeds are another excellent option to add to your collection. The harvest contains an impressive 24 to 28% THC, so just one puff will take you there. The plant doubles and sometimes triples in height during the flowering stage, staying true to its sativa characteristics.

Where to buy sativa seeds

You can buy sativa cannabis seeds at your local dispensary or enjoy a huge selection to choose from online at Homegrown Cannabis Co. The company guarantees high-quality seeds that are fast germinating.

To improve the health of the crop from sativa seeds, buy and use Homegrown Nutrients. The creators designed these fertilizers for marijuana plants with the correct mineral profile to ensure a bountiful and potent yield.

The final energizing buzz on sativa seed

If you’re looking for cannabis that energizes you, uplifts your mood, and motivates you to get going, sativa seeds need to be the next addition to your grow room. The crops grow tall with slender foliage and elongated buds. They differ from indicas with how they develop and their effects.

The marijuana from sativa cannabis seeds has great benefits for those suffering from depression, anxiety, and fatigue. Germinating sativa seeds only takes one to three days. Sativa strains come in autoflowering, feminized, pure, and hybrids.

Now you know everything about sativa seeds; it’s time to get growing. Buy high-quality sativa seeds exclusively from Homegrown Cannabis Co. today.

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