Maximizing Trade Show Presence: Understanding Different Booth Space Designs

Your trade show booth display acts as your storefront for the entire event. Therefore, it is imperative to understand that every aspect of your booth design plays a crucial role in deriving the success of your expo marketing campaign.

While several trade show booth displays are available in the market, you should choose one that suits all your requirements, including the limited space constraints. You need to select a reliable booth display from experts, like TL Trade Show Booth Displays, to ensure that all your trade show requirements are met.

Different trade show booth designs

While designing an effective trade show booth requires expertise and creativity, the fundamentals of the design remain the same. Based on dimensions, there are four main types of trade show booths: linear, peninsula, perimeter, and island.

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Linear booths

Liner booths, also known as ‘in-line’ booths, are the most common at trade shows and expos. They are arranged in a straight line, which means your neighbor’s booth and your booth will be side by side with only a single side open to the aisle, except for the booths located at corners.

They are usually 10′ deep, 10′ wide, and 8′ in height and usually do not allow canopies and use of signs above the wall.

Peninsula booths

A peninsula booth usually comprises four booths and features a significantly larger dimension. It has three sides exposed to the aisle and one back wall that must be free of advertisements or logos.

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The width, depth, and height of the center back wall of peninsula booths is usually 20′. However, if it is backed up against a linear booth, its height is usually restricted to 5′.

Perimeter booths

A perimeter booth is very similar to a linear booth. However, in contrast to a liner booth, you won’t have a booth behind your booth; instead, the booths are backed against the perimeter wall of the floor. Also, they can be as high as 12′. Perimeter booths also do not allow canopies or signs above the wall.

Island booths

The island booth layout features a design with all four sides open to the aisle. The length and width of this booth are usually 20′, and it allows a height of 16′ to 20′, with the use of canopies and hanging signs permitted.

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Final takeaway

Each booth design has its own benefits and drawbacks. However, you can choose the one depending on the floor and other expo requirements. Along with the design, factors like lighting, interactive elements, etc., play crucial roles in generating leads. So, select the right booth display design and elevate your brand’s presence at the expo.

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