7 Moving Tips for Couples

People have been moving to make new careers, to go back to school, and for a better quality of life for as long as human beings have been socially mobile. However, that doesn’t mean it is easy. It can be tough on couples when they need to move to a different location. Luckily, there are various tips that you can follow that will ease the burden on your relationship as well as help you save some money in the process!

Start Preparing for the Move Together

You need to make decisions together. Pick your moving company together, make sure you are in sync on the dates and times that you have to have your belongings moved, and decide how you are going to spend your time.

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If it is a major move, try scheduling time for one another to talk about what’s going on around the end of your current lease or rental agreement. Discussing ahead of time can help you defuse some stress that comes from “what ifs” at the last minute.

Make a “To Pack” List

If you are planning on moving alone and without a team, it is a good idea to keep a list of what you will need to bring with you as well as your “to pack” list. This way, you won’t be running around trying to find items that have already been packed.

Right before the move and after packing, set aside time to look around your home and make a note of any items that are unnecessary trash.

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Break Down the Moving Process Into Steps

Start moving in as small steps as possible. The more you can do ahead, the less time you will have to deal with delays, problems, and surprises. Rather than having to move everything out of all the rooms at once, turn each room into a stage and work on it one room at a time. By doing this, your home will still look organized even after multiple days.

Create a List For Home Goods

This may seem like a lot of work, but it will help you stay organized and will save you time. It’s also good to get rid of items that you don’t need after moving to ensure that your home is not going to be immediately cluttered. Simply go around your current property, making note of what you have and the condition of it, before deciding whether to keep it or not.

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Utilize Moving Apps

There are many moving apps out there now, and they are a great option for couples that aren’t looking to move together. Even if one person takes things alone, it gives them more flexibility when moving.

Get Help From Your Families

If you are moving in with a partner, you need to make sure you communicate with their family as well as your own. Having both sets of parents and/or siblings involved in your moving process will help everyone stay on schedule.

Make Time To Rest

Moving can be tiring, especially if it is your first time. One of the biggest mistakes new movers make is not making time for themselves. Relaxation helps to refresh an individual so that they can work more efficiently during the move and during the days that follow.

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