Android slots Apps vs IOS slots Mobile Apps

Since their release into the gaming world, Android and iOS (a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc.) slot apps have been in constant competition. What’s more, to the layman, they even seem similar – deposit and play today. However, when you delve deeper, these similarities are unfounded. There are, in fact, distinct differences between the two.

Downloading an Android slot app

When you download a slot app from an Android device, it comes from the Google Play store. Importantly, the casino-themed apps you can download from Google Play have tighter restrictions.

When compared with the restrictions put in place by iOS, there’s more digital red tape involved to download a casino-themed app from an Android device.

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Downloading an IOS slot app

Conversely, when you download a slot app from an iOS device, you download it from the app store. As stated above, the app store has always been more lenient regarding downloading casino-themed games involving gambling for real money.

Because of this, iOS apps have been considered by many as a better option for downloading games like online slots.

iOS regulations

Having said this, iOS devices are now undergoing stricter regulations and this has changed the direction of popularity somewhat between the two.

It’s fair to say that Android is more popular at this moment in time solely because developers are attracted to cheaper regulations, and the ones iOS are implementing are proving expensive.

Gamers are still able to play mobile slots from iOS apps that were created before the regulations came into practice, but due to decreased accessibility, users are making Android the priority choice.

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The gaming experiences

When considering the in-game experience of Android and iOS apps, most people can see that the graphics are cutting-edge on both. The gameplay is seamless and the themes are enticing. All in all, both Android and iOS apps are producing high-quality content.

To decide on which one offers a better gaming experience comes down to personal preference. Whilst most people will choose one of the two for their own various reasons, it’s curious to note that very few people will ever love both.

Game Selection

Currently, there is a wider range of games for iOS devices than there is for Android tablets or phones. Traditionally, developers would always choose Apple as the priority choice for their content but we’re seeing a huge swing and the market is changing. IOS apps have caught up and because of this shift, developers are able to release games simultaneously on both.

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Android or iOS? Which operator offers the best online slots experience?

The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones. Manchester United vs Liverpool. Android vs iOS. Rivalries emerge and stick around. This grudging competition between Android and iOS is nothing new and will likely continue, but at the moment, it’s probably fair to say that Android has a slight edge due to their regulations and the fact that they offer more than half of the available slot apps.

What’s clear is that iOS are not far behind and the gap is closing. Both offer great slots games, entertaining millions in the process.

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