How to Enhance Your Streaming Experience in Canada

The last few years have brought out the love in people for consuming digital content. Canadians are now turning to digital streaming services to keep themselves informed and entertained to discover new content.

Canadian users can access many streaming services, such as Paramount, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Crave, etc. With so much competition, streaming services are offering competitive subscription rates and incentives such as free trial periods to their users.

But a VPN is a must if you are getting hands on a foreign content library for example if you are trying to access Paramount + in Canada a VPN subscription is required to avail US and other regions library.

After finding a good streaming service of your choice, you can create an account for the service with a fitting pricing plan.

Now the question arises how you can get the best out of your streaming service? Here are a few tips to help you get the best out of your streaming service.

Overcome Geo-Restrictions, Use a VPN

Nothing can be worse than finding a particular movie or TV series on a streaming service, say Paramount plus, only to find it unavailable in your region. In this case, a VPN would help you access Paramount plus in Canada with your favorite titles from different regions. You can also access libraries from all over the world for other streaming services such as HBO Max Disney+, Hulu and Netflix.

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A VPN is a beneficial tool to help you access content streams from all over the world by tricking your streaming service into thinking that you are actually in a different place, making it easier for you to access the content of that particular area.

A suited example for this is, Paramount plus, which offers a different variety of titles in the US that may not be available for its Canadian viewers. Using a VPN would be useful in this situation as you can easily access the titles unavailable in your country by setting your location to the US through the VPN.

Installing a good VPN ensures you get the best out of your streaming service without actually leaving the comfort of your home.

Lower Video Quality

Lowering the video quality is also a good way to enhance your streaming experience, especially while viewing content on data or in a particularly bad connection area. Lowering the video quality would ensure you keep viewing your content without the hassle of lags and buffering.

Lowering the video quality ensures you get the best experience out of your stream without buffering. Since higher-quality videos require more data, this means that your device would use a lot of data to fulfill the demand resulting in lags or more buffering time.

Lowering the video resolution from 1080p or 720p to 480p would not interfere with the video quality, especially on a smaller screen. However, it is recommended that you upgrade your connection to ensure that you don’t have to compromise on video quality on a larger screen.

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Remove unnecessary devices from your connection.

Your Wi-Fi router can connect multiple devices at once to its service, which makes the connected devices compete for connectivity; this can cause your streaming to lag as other devices are also connected to your router.

A simple solution to this would be to remove unnecessary devices from your router, which would significantly lower the number of devices competing for connectivity and give you faster-streaming speed.

Update your Devices

A simple update to your device can significantly increase your streaming speed whether you are using the streaming service through an application or on your Television. Making sure you are using the most recent version of the service would help ensure that your streaming is seamless and without hassles.

Up-to-date versions of devices and applications work more seamlessly and lag less compared to out-of-date versions, which may have certain bugs that would cause them to function in a way that is lesser to that of a newer version.

Delete Caches and Cookies

Devices storing a large quantity of cache or cookies can lag not just on streaming services but also in general, causing your streaming experience to be disturbed. Routine cleaning up cache and cookies are required to keep your device functioning properly.

Deleting Cache and cookies can also be helpful for your streaming experience, as the cache controls your searches on the streaming service based on your last viewed streams. Removing these caches would allow you to access newer content that would not be available if the cache had not been cleared out.

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Install a Good Antivirus

A good antivirus is not just a saviour for your device, but it is also a saviour for your streaming speed. A good antivirus can help reduce the attack of viruses on your device, resulting in your device functioning smoothly and thus helping you view your streams smoothly.

Viruses can cause lags in your stream, so it is essential to protect your devices from them.

Download for Later

Why watch a lagging and buffering stream when you can just download now to watch later? Many streaming services, such as Paramount +, now offer their viewers the option to download content to be viewed later. This option is beneficial for viewers who have access to a good internet connection for a limited period.

Final Thoughts

Since the world is rapidly turning digital and we are all consuming digital content almost daily, it is only rational that, as Canadians, we turn to streaming services to enhance our viewing experience. The proper selection of services is crucial to avoid the hassle of going through a lot of options and coming out empty-handed.

Which is why we hope that our tips and tricks can help you out and help you learn more about how to enhance your streaming experience.

Happy Streaming

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