HBO Max Review for Canada Viewers: What’s New And What Needs Improvement

If you live in Canada and want to get a streaming service, it is hard to decide with such a saturated market at hand. If you have been dwelling inside your mind thinking and comparing HBO Max with any other, this HBO Max review is for you. Take a clear look at things and decide for yourself if it’s worth it to subscribe and stream HBO Max in Canada using a VPN.

HBO Max may seem it is similar to Netflix and Disney Plus as it has made it into the list of the best streaming services in a such short time. Let’s start this review, so you decide for yourself.

HBO Max Basic Cost

HBO Max prices start with $9.99/month and comes with a 1-week free trial in some countries. Several (if not all) current HBO Go and HBO Now subscribers also have access to HBO Max. Furthermore, HBO Now has been canceled across streaming devices, with its app rebranded as HBO Max.

Install the HBO Max software and log in with your current login details to use the HBO Max service (be they from a TV provider or HBO).

One HBO Max membership allows for a maximum of three concurrent screenings, one less than Disney+ (4 streams at once).

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Compatible Devices with HBO Max

This one was the largest issue with HBO Max at the time, but it has been resolved. HBO Max was released on a limited number of platforms, including Apple TV, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, iPadOS, and Xbox One, along with Chromecast compatibility. That omitted the largest online streaming platform: Roku (also Fire TV).

Apparently, the current HBO Max software defect has reached iPads and iPhones now, so you should just stick to Androids and bigger screens.

Movies on HBO Max

One of the most noteworthy news about HBO Max is that the company has secured huge blockbuster movies for 2021. (which began with the Movie “Wonder Woman 1984” at the end of 2020). Matrix 4, Godzilla vs. Kong, Dune, and many other movies have landed on HBO Max in a 4K HDR.

However, it appears that HBO Max subscribers’ streak of good fortune is coming to an end. Even with Warner Bros.’s original pledge that all 2022 recent movies will be available on HBO Max 45 days following its theatrical debut, the Warner Bros. Discovery acquisition has changed that. According to recent speculations, original movies will no longer be offered to be included on the platform – certainly not right away.

HBO Max Series Content Library

No streaming collection excites me more than HBO Max’s, yet it also baffles me. On the positive side, House of the Dragon (the Game of Thrones prequel) is a success. And the end of House of the Dragon provided the thrills we’d been anticipating throughout the season. Talking about seasons, yep, we are eagerly awaiting House of the Dragon season 2.

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The HBO Max collection has almost 10,000 hours of entertainment in total (according to HBO).

Till an HBO Max Exclusive receives the type of accolades and buzz that Disney+ had with The Mandalorian or Netflix received with The Witcher, the platform may not appear to be a must-have for many.

HBO Max UI and Design

The 10,000 hours of movie and TV content included on HBO Max can be difficult to navigate thanks to the provider’s unhelpful collection of buttons and displays. Its main screen has a carousel of seven featured movies and TV series.

Next, 9 center buttons show you how huge HBO Max can grow. You may access HBO, Studio Ghibli, Cartoon Network, DC, Sesame Workshop, Turner Classic Movies, Adult Swim, Crunchyroll (anime), and Looney Tunes via this page.

What HBO Max truly needs now is improved editorial direction. A lineup of the finest films on HBO Max, which includes content from all of the network’s channels.

4K Streaming and Performance of HBO Max

Unfortunately, HBO Max was not released with a 4K streaming option. HDR is also not yet available. As per AT&T’s Tony Goncalves, these functionalities are still in the process. The lack of HDR and 4K at release gives the impression that the service was hurried out rather than properly baked. You can also check out common errors on HBO Max and how to fix them.

Parental Controls Feature in HBO Max

HBO Max supports five user accounts, each of which is classed as Kid or Adult. Kid accounts allow parents the freedom to control what kind of content their children can watch based on the MPAA (G to NC-17) classification and TV ratings (TV-Y to TV-MA).

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This is a fantastic idea, however, the system has a major issue. A four-digit Passcode can only be employed to lock kid accounts. If a kid can access HBO Max from anywhere in the home, they may sign in to Adult accounts without a passcode, with no rules or content ratings requirements.

A Quick Review of HBO Max Features


  • Library: 10,000 hours of episodes and movies
  • Price: $9.99/month (with ads) and $14.99/month (ad-free)
  • Devices: Android, iPadOS, Roku, Apple TV, PlayStation 4, iOS, Xbox One, Chromecast, Fire TV
  • Simultaneous streams: Up to 3 simultaneously
  • Streaming quality: HD (select movies to offer HDR, 4K)
  • Parental controls: Yes
  • User profiles: A maximum of 5

HBO Max includes all of the features of a fantastic streaming platform, yet it seems underdeveloped at launch.


  • A diverse array of content
  • Blockbuster films
  • Outstanding HBO shows
  • It is simple to check upcoming shows
  • Same cost as HBO Now


  • Unstable
  • Only a few titles support 4k HDR

HBO Max: Final Words

Now you know almost all major aspects that may have affect your decision if picking up HBO Max as your streaming service. The platform offers a very good content library full of exclusive titles that you won’t get anywhere else.

Let us know if you liked this review and which other service you would like to read about next in the comments below!

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