Why Are Road Trips The Most Romantic Way to Explore South India?

South India has the most diverse landforms – from the beautiful beaches to the lush green hills, from the splendid architectural sites to the ancient huts; South India is full of wonders. How else can you enjoy the serene beauty of the land than a road trip with your loved one? A late-night drive, silent road, and romantic music; what else would someone need to make a trip worth remembering.

Why are road trips the best?

Imagine yourself driving on a straight road. Windows opened, a cool breeze fluttering the hair of your loved one, romantic music playing in the background, and their hand on yours. Long drives are tiring, they say, but they don’t tell you about the otherworldly experience you have during the journey. Road trips give you a chance to make memories with your significant other. You can cherish moments like you keeping your head on their shoulder or them protecting you before you bang your head on the window unknowingly. You won’t get all these privileges on a trip by air. A road trip lets you explore the real beauty of nature. It brings you close to nature and, more importantly, to yourself and your significant other. And if you want to give your undivided attention to your loved one, without having to worry about controlling the wheel, you can book a premium chauffeur-driven car rental service using a car rental app.

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South India and road trips- the perfect combination

A majority of the journey to South India can be covered by road. The excellent roads cover all the major towns. A large stretch of roads runs through the dense forests and the hills, which makes the scenario worth enjoying. The forests, dark and deep, give a spooky vibe that gives you and your partner the perfect time to snuggle. The hills with scattered bushes and trees and the waterfalls make the visitors feel like they are in heaven. What adds to the beauty of the place is the smile of your beloved when they enjoy the scenario.

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When in South India, do not miss the famous drive to the plantation sites covering acres of land. The two of you, in the middle of fluttering plants, sweet music playing at the back of your mind, adds a Bollywood touch to your trip.

A romantic stay in the backwaters

If you say you had a trip to South India without spending a day or two in the backwaters, you will be failing yourself. You should spend a day enjoying the beautiful backwaters. A variety of crops grow on both sides of the canal; the site is worth looking at. For a couple visiting South India, a stay in the adorable houseboats can be one of the most memorable events of the journey. There are numerous palm trees and shrubs that grow alongside the backwaters. Watching the sunset behind these trees is extremely peaceful. At night, the houseboats are beautifully decorated with lights making them look like a gem in the ocean.

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Visit various architectural sites and magnificent temples that show the true beauty of South India and learn why Kerala is said to be god’s own country.

You need all forms of transport to cover the entire South India. But choosing a car would cover a majority of that. Car rental in Chennai and other Southern Indian cities is quite reasonable. Road trips are romantic with your love and exciting with friends, so plan a road trip to South India when in doubt.

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