A Comprehensive Guide To Planning An Interstate Road Trip In 2022

Are you craving the feeling of complete and utter freedom and thinking of planning an exciting and adventurous interstate road trip?

With the worldwide coronavirus pandemic still very much present in every American citizen’s day-to-day considerations and activities, traveling abroad, although possible, is fraught with extra complications and restrictions. Instead, an inter-state road trip is the easiest and most exciting option.

Continue reading for a comprehensive guide to planning an interstate road trip in 2022.

Hiring Or Buying A Road Vehicle

The benefits of investing in a surprisingly affordable road vehicle (RV) far outweigh those of simply hiring one for a single trip, fundamentally because the latter involves vigorous planning, whereas the former means you can literally decide to travel at a moment’s notice.

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When looking for the right RV for you, there are some key considerations you must include in your decision-making process, which consist of the following:

  • Are you traveling solo or with friends and family members?
  • What are your specific needs and wants out of your RV?
  • Are you aiming for comfort whilst traveling or practicality? Or both?
  • Will you be working from your RV?
  • How much time do you intend to spend in your RV?
  • Do you have pets that you will be traveling with?
  • How much space do you actually need?

Storing Your RV When Not In Use

If you are already the proud owner of a motorhome or road vehicle, you may be wondering how best to store it when preparing for a road trip or, conversely, in the winter months or when it is simply not in use.

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Fortunately, there are a plethora of specific RV storage options, with by far the best being the safe and secure storage from reputable and renowned companies such as storagearea.com, who provide an affordable place to safely store your RV for as long as you require.

Preparing Your RV For The Trip

When preparing your RV for the interstate road trip of a lifetime, it is important to start by thoroughly cleaning and decluttering the entire vehicle and removing everything that has expired, dated, ruined, or otherwise unnecessary and still lingering from your previous adventure.

Always ensure you have a full tank of gas and that you have checked the oil, screenwash, and water tank ahead of your journey, as well as ensuring the windscreen wipers are also in full working order. Check all appliances as well as the batteries and ensure there are no leaks.

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Plan Ahead!

It is strongly advisable to book your campsites along the entirety of your trip in advance to ensure that you have somewhere legal and safe to park for the night. There’s nothing worse than driving an RV at night, looking for a site that has space for you.

Additionally, when planning your route across states, ensure you plan an RV-friendly route that is simultaneously aesthetically breathtaking in terms of scenery. The roads you intend on traveling on are properly tarmacked and safe to travel on.

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