Tips on Customizing Your Own Diamond Pendants

Diamonds are forever, and the gift of diamonds can fortify your relationship by gifting this timeless stone to your better half to show your love and care. Diamonds aren’t just luxury gifts or expensive stones; it is a statement you make to your spouse to tell them how much you value them and how strong you will be in the relationship. The next level of this show is to choose a perfect diamond piece or pendant, and while people might tell you perfection is a myth, we are here to tell you the exact opposite. Let’s discuss this further while we give you the best tips for perfection.

Why Go For Perfection?

Manufacturing practices have advanced leaps and bounds in the past few decades that now it isn’t a dream anymore to choose and assemble your perfect diamond pendant for the special occasion in your life. Most brands these days give you many options to make your combination of what you would like in a perfect pendant, and you should not look any further. By following the link, get your custom pendant instead of choosing from a whole catalog of unassuming and dull designs that won’t pluck your heart’s strings the way a custom made would do.

Though it might seem a tad overwhelming initially, following the tips and guide by reading further, your goal of making a perfect combination will be that much easier.

Choosing the Focal:

We know when going for a perfect pendant piece, you go all in to scrutinize every step of the way to look for and choose the best possible combination. We recommend you draw your ideas out before making the first crucial steps. By making drawings or using software to do just that, will make the picture clearer.

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And why do we say that? The primary reason behind a clear picture is that the centerpiece of the focal of your pendant color and shine is the most crucial factor as it will be the first thing everyone notices. Then they would go for the setting and the metal accompanying it. No one will ever be too intrusive to investigate the clarity and polish of the centerpiece diamond as it is just not that easy for the naked eye. Therefore, don’t get caught up with details of the make and clarity of the jewel. You can even go colorless if that is your choice.

Settling on the Setting:

Now, this is the tricky aspect as it involves many smaller steps to combine into your perfect combination. Let’s discuss them one task at a time.

Matching the Focal and Metal Colors – The first step is to finalize the color of the placeholder for your focal piece to enhance the look of your final product. They are typically called the basket and the prongs. A few good examples can be using yellow gold if you have chosen a yellow diamond as a set piece or going for rose gold when selecting pinkish diamonds. You can do the same with green diamonds as they look the best with white gold or, if your budget allows, a platinum basket and prongs.

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Size of the Diamond – If you are not going for something subtlety, which most people don’t go for, then you need to decide the size of your focal diamond piece. If that becomes expensive, we have another option to make it seem significant while shining more elegantly. You can add a halo of smaller stones and diamonds around the centerpiece to make it look bigger. These outers can be matched in color with the center but are cheaper than increasing the size of your focal piece.

Pendant Size – The final step for some or initial step for others, whatever the stage, it is vital to know the correct size while keeping enough tolerance in it for the future.

Visualization Options – Any website or company that can share mock-up images with you of your chosen design is a Godsend making your process that much easier. Some even provide a sample 3D printed that you can wear to see how the results look—Yay for some science.

Order Time and Manufacturing:

After finalizing the design and solidifying your choice, all that remains is to wait for the final product. Manufacturing your new pendant might take some time, most commonly up to 2-3 weeks, as it takes many steps to get the final design done. It goes designing and casting the design, assembling different pieces, and finally, the QA.

Most companies will communicate with you each step of the way and allow you to make any changes if you want at every significant step or milestone if you come up with newer or better ideas.

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Things to Consider When Making Custom Orders:

Talk it out with your spouse and the jewelers to discuss the pricing for the design. There might come any complications that may arise during the process. Avoid complex designs that are possible but may have the possibility of errors. After all the thinking and discussion are done, be firm and go ahead with the choice.

Learn about what care you need to do when wearing jewelry. You’re buying an expensive item and taking proper care of it while increasing the life of your jewelry and won’t reduce its shine. Study how to clean gems and diamonds guide to keeping up to date on the latest methods. Don’t be shy in asking your seller if they provide these services and the time for each periodic cleaning visit.


Customization and tailored jewelry is the best way to buy and gift a timeless gift to your spouse. The process in itself brings enthusiasm and joy to your relationship, and there is something about the customization that brings you closer to creating something of your own. The comfort you feel afterward adds more charm to your outlook, and confidence is unmatched. Diamond accessories in the shape of a pendant can add jazz to your look for every special occasion, and the more compliments you get, the more happiness you will have because of the creation of your design.

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