The Eco-Conscious Guide to Land & Real Estate Development

The land and real estate development industries have a poor history of being eco-conscious. For example, developers in the past have cleared land without considering the existing ecosystem. However, in recent times, many harmful practices are shifting to more environmentally friendly solutions.

Applying eco-conscious alternatives to land and estate production is quickly gaining popularity. Most investors are now looking toward eco-friendly options to replace their previously unsustainable development. Investors who embrace the new trend are already enjoying the benefits.

Fortunately, people are more environmentally conscious these days, which extends to property investment. Read on an eco-conscious guide to property development.


Most technologies aim to make life better—and land development tech is no different. Forward-thinking tech can help ensure projects are as sustainable as possible. So, developers must use new technologies if they wish to be eco-conscious.

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Sustainability in development focuses on using eco-friendly technology, materials, and design strategies. Though some eco-friendly options are more expensive than others, land developers can still use new technology without incurring substantial investment costs. An example is using cutting-edge building materials to reduce the environmental impact.

Ultimately, the advantages of sustainability are undeniably significant. In addition to helping property owners reduce costs, sustainable tech helps preserve the environment. Some technology, such as advanced erosion control products, even allows developers to repair soil damage caused by construction.

Go green with renovations

Starting from ground zero isn’t always necessary for developers who want to incorporate sustainability. Fortunately, you can make simple adjustments to an existing property to make it green. So, analyze your project first before taking it all down.

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If you can renovate it by adding sustainable development features, do so. It will save you money while meeting the desired qualities crucial in real estate investment.

Pay attention to the location

The changes you make in one location to make it sustainable may not work in another as each area requires unique techniques and solutions. In fact, an often overlooked aspect of real estate sustainability is tailoring eco-friendly development practices to your specific location.

For example, real estate developers should focus on conserving water in dry locations while taking advantage of the natural resources the space has to offer. For example, installing solar panels in sunny areas is an excellent energy source.

Get certification

Another sure-fire way to begin your journey into eco-conscious development is by applying for a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification (LEED). Obtaining an LEED shows that the property satisfies the highest levels of eco-consciousness and sustainability. Obtaining the certificate will make your property stand out amongst lower-grade facilities.

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However, acquiring the LEED certificate may be challenging, so prepare to make actionable changes to your development plans.

Market your project

Many buyers work with real estate agents to find a sustainable property. To market an environmentally friendly property, make sure you mention its efficiency and how the different aspects of the home will help the buyer.

Ultimately, proper marketing is a must when attempting to sell sustainable properties at competitive prices.

Before you go

With the shift in demand towards eco-conscious development, the real estate market is also adjusting. Instead of focusing on rapid growth alone, developers also consider sustainability. So, get on board or find yourself left in the dust because eco-conscious development is the industry’s future.

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