Learn Some Unique Variants of the Game That Are Never Heard Before & Rules

In this modern and advanced world, everyone is busy in their life with different work. In the meantime, games are the only activity that will give you relaxation, happiness and bring joy to your life. You can choose to play different games alone, with friends and family, or with your pet (if you have any). Whatever you choose will always bring a smile to your face. Even professionals like doctors are prescribed to few people to have leisure time and play games, which they love the most. Few people love to play different games outside like cricket, football, etc, which is also a good thing for their physical exercise.

Different games are played differently on different continents of the world. It creates other different versions or variants of the same game in different ways. If you look at an example, then you will understand it better. For example, cricket is a game but there are different versions of cricket like one day international (ODI), test match, T-20, etc. Similarly in card games also, you can find different versions like 29 card game, spit card game, rummy, poker, Teen Patti, etc.

It is always advisable to take some time for personal extracurricular activity including playing games. Nowadays, you can play multiplayer games alone at home. Yes, you read it right. In this modern world, it is possible to play different games in one place single-handedly without any group. In this internet world, you can play any game online on different gaming sites like Getmega, Softgaming, The gaming project, etc. Let’s discuss some games that might be unknown or unique for you.

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Unique Variants of Game:

There are so many versions of different games available all over the world. Here are some of the versions or variants of a few games, especially card games that are very unique to many people.

  1. Patience Game: As the name suggests, it is a game that requires patience. In some places, it is played with cards (normal deck of cards), in some places, it is played with small wooden sticks, in some places, it is played with different trump cards. In general, it is played with a normal deck of cards. The primary objective of this game is to make a proper sequence of each suit of the cards. It is mostly played alone. At first, 4 aces are kept aside at the top side by side. Then all the cards are shuffled properly and put on the table face down in 7 different columns. The cards were placed in such a way that the first card holds 7 cards, then 6 cards, and so on. At the top of each column, the first card is face up. Then you shuffle the rest of the cards and when you lift the first card of the deck you should put it under one of the columns so that it will make a particular sequence. Once a particular sequence of one suit is complete from K to 2, you can put it in ace place and make a perfect complete suite of 13 cards.
  2. Spit Card Game: It is one of the most unique card games among all others. A spit card game is played with 2 players with 52 cards on a deck. Each player gets 26 cards and out of which he or she can take only 15 cards and place them in front of them in such a way that it stays in a column. In spit card games each column contains a different number of cards like the 1st column holds 5 cards and 2nd will 4 and so on till the 5th column. The players can set aside their 11 cards, which are known as spit deck. The primary objective of the spit card game is to show cards one after another from the deck and put them in the middle till valid hand-made cards. If a player can’t find any spit card face up on the deck, then he or she can replace and choose any cards from the column. A spit card game is very unique and simple to understand. This game is not that popular as compared to other card games.
  3. Chinese Poker: A Chinese poker game is similar to other poker games but there are few changes in this version. In this version, each player needs to deal with 13 cards. These cards must be divided into 3 parts (5-5-3). In this game, a new player can also win the game. This version of poker required more luck than strategies and tips.
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You can find an unlimited number of variants of different games. In earlier days, people used to play games in a limited area so, it was nearly impossible to know different versions of the same games but now at present, people can play any game anywhere they want on online gaming platforms like Getmega. It is not just a gaming site where people play games for fun but also they can earn real money by playing here. It also provides different strategies to win the game.

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