The Best Online Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack has been one of the most popular casino and online casino games since the 1700s. So the fact that it has continued to attract new players into enjoying the fast-paced and exciting game will be no surprise to anyone. To help the newly minted online blackjack players, here are 5 of the best strategies to employ when you next visit the Blackjack table, whether to play blackjack online or in person.

Don’t be Scared to Stand on hands of 12 and Over

The trick to keep in mind is that Blackjack is a game of known quantities. For example, if you have a hand of 12 or 13 and only know one of the dealer’s cards, the second card will most likely be a value of 10, as 10s, Jacks, Queens, and Kings are all valued as such.

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So even if the dealer has a card between 4 and 6, the dealer’s total hand will fall between 14 and 16 and will be forced to take another card and more than likely bust their hand. In some cases, the dealers will win, but in the long term standing on an indicator such as 12 or 13 will result in winning. This strategy is an excellent basis to start from the next tie you play Blackjack online or at your favorite casino.

The only exception to this rule is if you have a pair, then you should split your hand unless it’s 10s, then you should stand.

Why You Should Double Down on 10’s and not split them

As briefly stated in the previous strategy, you should never split a pair of 10s. You may be tempted to split a pair of 10s to create two strong hands and double the money on the table. However, even though you could win with both hands, keeping the hand as one hand is far more statistically likely to win as it is a hand of 20, and the dealer would have to hit a perfect Blackjack 21 to beat you.

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You should check out a handy Blackjack terms list if you need help following along because of all the terminology.

Blackjack Insurance is a Scam

At some casinos, you will be offered the opportunity to take Blackjack insurance when the dealer shows an Ace as their first card. The idea behind the insurance is to offset your losses if the dealer hits a perfect Blackjack. However, the dealer’s odds of landing on 21 are far lower than the cost you pay to take out the insurance.

A dealer may hit 21 from time to time in these scenarios, but the losses you may suffer when that happens will pale in comparison to the amount of money you would have spent on insurance in the long run.

Double Down on Hands of 11

You should always double down when you have a starting hand of 11. Regardless of what hand a dealer has when you sit on 11, your next card is likely, statistically speaking, going to be a 10-valued card. That means you will land a perfect 21, so doubling down will double your betted amount and significantly increase the amount of money available on the table.

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Even if your card is not a 10 but rather a card that falls between 7 and 9, that still means your hand value is between 18 and 20. Such a high hand is unlikely to be beaten by the dealer without going bust.

Play Within Your Spend Limit

As with all gambling staying within your spending limit is the biggest key to success and having a good time. Blackjack has a natural ebb and flows to winning and losing, as do all casino games. The trick is betting small constant amounts on hands to maximize your playtime. Check out the regulatory websites for further information if you need help with your playing habits.

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