Mikhail Kokorich Discusses 8 Incredible Aviation Business Ideas

Mikhail Kokorich is a serial entrepreneur and investor who has succeeded in aviation and other industries. He is the CEO of Destinus, a company known for developing a high-speed aircraft hybrid of an airplane and a rocket. Mikhail Kokorich has been involved with aviation for over 5 years.

In this blog, Mikhail talks about aviation business ideas.

Aviation Business Ideas

Airline Business

It’s one of the most popular choices for budding entrepreneurs in the aviation industry. However, it needs substantial investment if you want to buy a Boeing.

Some airlines have become household names after starting with just a single plane and a small team of pilots, flight attendants, and ground staff.

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Aircraft Maintenance Business

Mikhail Kokorich says this business idea also needs a significant investment upfront but can generate substantial returns if you do it correctly. Aircraft require maintenance regularly.

Aviation consulting services

Imagine the thrill of helping someone get on an airplane for the first time or helping them plan a trip to their dream destination. You can also help them find affordable flights that fit their budget and provide travel tips and tricks to make their journey more enjoyable.

Mikhail Kokorich explains that this is what aviation consulting services offer – it’s about making flying a more effortless, more pleasant experience.

Aviation training programs

Aviation training programs are an excellent option for people who want to become pilots or flight attendants. Mikhail Kokorich notes that these programs can be done in as little as three months and allow you to get a pilot’s license.

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Online Aviation publications and magazines

The aviation industry is a vast market, and it’s not surprising that many aviation publications and magazines exist. It’s also one of the few industries in which print is still alive.

Aircraft manufacturers, airlines, airports, air traffic controllers, travel agents, airport authorities, pilots, flight attendants, and others who work in the aviation industry need information about their sector. It’s an excellent opportunity for someone to start a digital aviation publication or magazine.

Aviation equipment manufacturing companies

Aviation equipment manufacturing companies are a business idea suited for people who have engineering skills and are interested in the aviation industry. Mikhail Kokorich adds that these businesses make and sell products used in the aviation industry. They could be anything from aircraft components to aircraft parts, such as landing gear, airframe structures, or even engine components.

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Airport ground transportation service providers (bus, taxi, shuttle)

Airport ground transportation service providers are also in high demand. With our ever-growing population, airports are becoming more and more congested. The airport ground transportation service provider solves this problem by providing an alternative to taxis and buses. Mikhail Kokorich says they offer shuttle rides from the airport to your destination and bus rides from the airport to various locations in town.

Drone-based business idea

Drones are making their way into the aviation industry. You can use drones for surveillance, inspecting, and even as a delivery service. For example, a company called Flytrex uses drones to deliver packages. They work with Amazon to deliver parcels to customers’ doorsteps.

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