Filing A Claim For Facial Injuries After A Syracuse Car Accident

Facial injuries are not only painful and devastating but take a toll on the mental health of the injured, as one often runs the risk of disfigurement. The wounds on the face might include ordinary bruising or selling to other severe impacts like lacerations, gashes, facial burns, and in the worst cases, facial fractures. If one has sustained considerable facial injuries where the accident occurred due to the negligence of a third party, one has the right to recover all the losses by claiming compensation. Contact a personal injury attorney from the King Law firm to ensure a fair settlement from the insurance provider or file a lawsuit in case the claim has been denied.

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However, to file a claim, one must make sure they are eligible for a claim. For this, one needs to know the common types of facial injuries that might occur due to the accident. Some of them are mentioned below:

Burns On The Face:

It is indeed a blessing that an explosion is a rare scenario after a car crash. But they do sometimes occur, which poses the risk of facial burns. In such cases, the only option is skin grafting, wherein the most severe burns victims might ensure disfigurement or permanent scarring of the face.

Lacerations, Gashes, Or Any Other Deep Wounds On The Face:

Lacerations, gashes, and deep cuts are extremely common, as during an accident, metal, glass, or any other hard object present in the car can cause injury to the face. Moreover, irrespective of the minor damage, it leads to scarring, and severe wounds might even require plastic surgery.

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Face Nerve Damage:

Deep cuts in the face might not only lead to permanent scarring but also damage the nerves in the face permanently or temporarily. Such nerve damage may also impair the smile, potential for focus, and vision.

Facial Fractures:

Facial fractures refer to fractures caused in the bones present in the face; this includes a broken or cracked tooth, orbital bone fractures, and dislocated or broken jaws that require immediate surgery.

Filing A Claim For Facial Injuries:

It is a common confusion among victims suffering from facial injuries whether they can file a claim. Although this is not easy to answer, as the nature of these cases varies from one another, if one is not at fault for the accident or the injuries caused, then one can definitely claim compensation from the negligent party’s insurance provider.

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Final Thoughts:

One can quickly learn about all the legal options involved in an accident case by contacting an attorney as early as possible following an accident.

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