What Do Shrooms Taste Like and Different Ways to Improve Them

People have used magic mushrooms in various religious ceremonies for thousands of years to treat multiple ailments. These mushrooms continue to gain popularity, particularly in light of new research studies exploring the advantages they can provide. Psilocybin, the primary hallucinogenic ingredient in mushrooms, has so far been demonstrated by scientists to be effective in treating mental illnesses like depression, stress, and anxiety. According to anecdotal evidence, it enhances creativity, focus, and overall well-being.

With all of these, one might ask, what do shrooms taste like? You’ve undoubtedly heard that fungi have an unpleasant flavour or none. All of the responses you have heard or read are correct. We will learn more about the taste of this psychedelic wonder and how to improve it if you do not like it.

What are Magic Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms are either wild or domesticated and contain psilocybin, a psychoactive substance that, when consumed, naturally produces hallucinatory effects. The effects can persist for hours and cause episodes of hallucinations. While hallucinating, people will have a distorted sense of time, space, and sensations.

The most common form of this famous fungi is the dried version. People buy them this way because there is a vast selection of strains. Different strains offer different potencies, allowing beginners to select mild versions and psychonauts to buy highly potent mushrooms.

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It may sound attractive, but not all users of Psilocybe cubensis like the dried version. Here’s why.

What Do Shrooms Taste Like?

Some people find the flavour unpleasant and revolting. Others claim that the flavour is typical of most mushrooms. Everyone has a different tolerance for the taste, depending on their particular preferences: some individuals may object to the bitterness, while others may detect a nutty flavour. However, most individuals think that cubensis don’t taste sweet—instead, they have an earthy flavour. These are more like earth and have a spongy, chewy, and fibrous feel; they are not the gourmet mushrooms that provide umami to foods.

Due to its taste, some people try to find ways to mask it by adding flavours to them. If you don’t like the flavour and texture, here are ways you can still enjoy the psychedelic trips.

How to Mask the Taste

Different people have different levels of sensitivity to flavours, textures, and odours, and learning how to mask the taste can help avoid the initial queasy feeling. The methods are simple, and anyone can quickly turn their newly bought shrooms into a tasty treat.

Cook with Regular Dishes

Cooking the Psilocybe like regular mushrooms is another option. For instance, you may roughly slice and combine with vegetable stock and then incorporate everything into pasta sauce. Psilocybe can also be used as a topping on pizza or as an addition to soup. Here, your imagination is the only constraint.

The effectiveness of boiling psilocybin is unclear, even though it is a fantastic way to disguise their flavour. At roughly 180°C, psilocybin burns. This implies that Psilocybe would lose its strength if cooked at high temperatures. With this information, you can only cook quickly and at moderate temperatures. Baking can often be preferred to cooking techniques like steaming.

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As a safety measure, remember to keep an eye on your dosage. This approach’s most considerable risk is adding too many to the dish. It is best to add after you have divided the meal into portions.

Brew Some Tea

One of the most popular ways to try psilocybin is through tea. This technique gives an immediate onset of effects and a brief, intense trip. The ginger and lemon used in the ingredients cover up the taste and avoid queasy feelings.

When making tea, take note that psilocybin dissolves readily in hot water. Making tea is comparable to carrying out a simple psilocybin extraction.

Here is a simple recipe to try.

  • Use a coffee grinder to grind the appropriate amount into a powder.
  • Pour hot water into the prepared powder.
  • Steep for at least 10 to 15 minutes.
  • You can strain the powder and transfer the tea to another container.
  • If nausea is a concern, feel free also to add chopped ginger, honey, and an actual tea bag.

If you don’t like tea, you may also make a potent smoothie by blending some ground mushrooms with frozen fruit, apple juice, and yogurt.

Make Lemon Tek

To make lemon tek, Psilocybe must be steeped in lemon juice 10 minutes before consumption. In addition to masking the flavour, the citric acid in the lemon may begin to break down the psilocybin to psilocin before consumption. Psilocin is the active substance that the body interacts with to cause hallucinations.

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Many psychonauts describe having an intense and sudden experience with this drink.

Create Chocolate or Edibles

The recipe is as easy as mixing melted chocolate with psilocybin powder. You can pour the blended, melted chocolate into unique moulds to create small chocolates with various flavours. Deciding on the dosage, you will incorporate into the chocolates is crucial to prevent overdose. Additionally, you can also do this when making gummies or other edibles.

If you prefer to avoid baking or to prepare a tasty treat, there are available products online from online dispensaries like Zoomies Canada. It’s even safer since these products are lab-tested, and you can easily manage your dosage.

Soak with Honey

After combining chopped dry Psilocybe with honey, making sure they are entirely covered, you can store them in the refrigerator for several months. The honey will turn blue as psilocin, the chemical that causes a trip, enters the gooey material. You can take a teaspoon of this blue honey or add it to tea and other beverages.


What shrooms taste like is debatable but generally unpleasant to some. That’s why you can find plenty of recipes, like this one, to help mask the taste and prevent nausea. These recipes will allow users to enjoy every bite and achieve the psychedelic experience they want without any unpleasant gastrointestinal issues.

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