Everything to Know About the International Academy of Dental and Facial Aesthetics

As well as bodies and organizations in Australia, professionals in the dental industry also have the guidance of international bodies. As an example, the International Academy of Dental and Facial Aesthetics is an essential honorary service organization. Essentially, its role worldwide is to improve education when it comes to dental and facial aesthetics topics.

Dental and facial aesthetics professionals worldwide constantly seek credibility, reputation, and commendations for their achievements. Thankfully, the IADFE provides opportunities for precisely this.

How Does It Work?

Every year, the IADFE announces its new fellowship, and these are people who have been nominated by colleagues and others. As a result, the organisation now has an extensive list of incredibly talented professionals. Head onto the website and click on the ‘Fellows’ list, and you’ll soon see the length of the list.

To remain a member, dues are set to around $125, and New York holds an Annual Fellowship Induction Meeting for those entering the organisation.

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Nominations are available within the following fields:

  • Laboratory technicians
  • Plastic surgeons
  • Dentists
  • Dermatologists

Also, it includes all other professionals that work with teeth, the mouth, and other areas of facial aesthetics. Suppose you feel that a colleague deserves a nomination. In that case, the IADFE website has an application form where you’ll need to enter your name, email, and address, as well as the contact details of the person you’re nominating.

Although the nomination process doesn’t cost anything, there is an initial membership fee. However, the application first needs to be processed through the Regents. If the Regents decide that the professional is worthy of a place in the Fellowship, the applicant will receive either an email or phone call.

After paying the $550 fee, the professional will attend an International Meeting for the induction (as mentioned previously!). The ceremony itself is a cap and gown event, which signifies the profession’s achievements.

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If you’re chosen as a new Fellow, you’ll receive a designated membership pin in addition to a Certificate of Fellowship. This is a prestigious achievement for any professional in the field, and it’s one that many around the world would be honoured to receive.


Once a Fellow, you’ll contribute with other professionals like Dr. Bobby Chhoker in Bondi Junction from various disciplines to further treatments and solutions in the industry. Just recently, the IADFE announced a new ‘scientific-educational arm’ after revealing a new partnership with the International Academy of Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry. With this, it shows the willingness to expand and continue the conversations around improving the solutions available to everyday people.

After becoming a member of the IADFE, there are opportunities to progress, and all the existing Regents once started as Fellows. If you want to help the organisation, contact the team, and you may just earn yourself a place as a Regent too.

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The International Academy of Dental and Facial Aesthetics exists as a group of professionals across a multitude of industries to improve the condition of each of the niches. By working in unison, these professionals from various backgrounds can further the solutions, training, treatments, and services on offer.

If you want to nominate a colleague, the process is simple, and all the information you need is available on the website. Professionals who become Fellows contribute extensively to the industry and join like-minded people with a desire to improve the services that customers both need and deserve.

The application process is simple, and it’s then up to the Regents to decide if the professional is suitable for a role as a Fellow.

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