How To Prevent Painful Water Infections

If you are currently suffering with a urinary tract infection, more commonly referred to as a water infection, or else are someone who seems prone to developing them, you will be fully aware of the supreme pain and discomfort such a medical issue brings.

With this in mind, continue reading to learn some tried, tested and proven-to-be effective ways of preventing water infections in both men and women.

Drink More Water!

Seemingly too-often cited as the be all and end all when it comes to solving one medical issue or another, it is certainly true to say, in the case of a urinary tract infection, that drinking at least eight glasses of fresh water a day will help stave off infection.

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Simply put, drinking higher volumes of water means the cycle of the liquid waste products in the body is completed much faster and therefore washes out any potential bacteria that, if left, could lead to an issue.

Check For An Underlying Cause

As with most other medical problems and issues, however seemingly trivial or else considerably more serious, there may well be an underlying cause for your urinary tract infection, particularly if you seem to be contracting such an infection often.

More common causes of a water infection include, but are certainly in no way limited to, the following:

  • Menopause
  • Period
  • Pregnancy
  • A severe change in diet
  • Lack of water and other fluids
  • Too tight underwear

A cause of water infections that is quite common, although perhaps not as well-known, is that of erectile dysfunction and for men, the two issues combined can not only be unduly embarrassing, but also exceedingly painful. If you do suspect your water infection is connected to your experience of erectile dysfunction, it is strongly advisable to contact a discreet and reputable chemist, who are able to prescribe you a course of tadalafil tablets.

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One of the most popular choices for fast and effective treatment of urinary tract infections, in both men and women, is when a doctor prescribes a round of antibiotics, which almost immediately rids the body of the infection and it stops the pain and discomfort when urinating.

Home Remedies

As well as being prescribed a course of antibiotics, there are certainly other medications available from your doctor that will serve to rid your body of a urinary infection.

However, if you are searching for a more natural alternative, then there are several home remedies available that may well serve to help you.

One thing you can try which is both incredibly affordable and easy to start is to drink a glass of cranberry juice three times a day: in the morning, the afternoon and one before bed. Medical professionals have long since proverbially sang the praises of cranberries and they do certainly seem to have a positive effect on the issue.

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Other home remedies that may well be worth trying to include, but are not limited to, wearing much looser underwear and clothing, switching the type of birth control you take and consuming natural probiotics.

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