Best ever feminized cannabis seeds-White Widow feminized seeds


White Widow feminized is perhaps the most incredible flawless species as of now accessible on the cannabis market. This cultivar flaunts tall, lofty plants gleaming with translucent trichomes that remain as a demonstration of the power of this strain well before the buds are dried and restored. With THC levels as high as 25%, a knockout impact is normal from this cultivar, making it an ideal late-evening or end-of-the-week strain. White Widow feminized cannabis conveys a seriously loosening up body-stone combined with a magnificent cerebral buzz, mitigating you of the day’s burdens, permitting you to loosen up.

However, why purchase the weed when you can develop the plant? Peruse on as we investigate White Widow’s feminized seeds, the strain’s belongings, flavor profile, and development data.

White Widow Feminized seeds description

Prepared to find out about this strain?

The White Widow feminized strain is, generally, a meaning of present-day cannabis, flaunting high THC levels, sparkling gems, and great branches. This uncommon crossover, made from a rearing trial, is the bad child of a smooth, pitch substantial South Indian Indica and a wonderful Brazilian Sativa landrace. Barely any things are as wonderful to observe as the White Widow feminized plant in full blossom, gladly showing its alabaster precious stone layers, like an unblemished snow-covered mountain.

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However, this cultivar has significantly more to bring to the table than looks. White widow feminized Seeds is a multi-grant winning, world-renowned, and even indica-predominant cultivar. It consolidates the elevating Sativa impacts with the amazing, unwinding, and narcotic indica sway impeccably. White Widow feminized strength and feel have likewise not gone unrecognized by cannabis experts. Among numerous others, this incredible strain won the Bio classification in the ’95 High Times Cannabis Cup and second spot in the ’08 Copa Cannabica Del Plata grants. Esteemed by veteran cultivators as a simple to-develop cultivar, White Widow feminized seeds are an optimal strain for first-time producers.

With its 60/40 indica-strength, this half and half offers many advantages for restorative and sporting clients the same. It goes about as a caution to stoners that an incredibly extraordinary cerebral buzz will before long trail illuminating.

Appearance, Taste, and Smell of White Widow

White widow buds are canvassed thickly in cold white gems, and because of its sugared look, it is designated “White Widow.” The shade of this bud stays white for two reasons: it has a propensity not to completely shading up when it is even prepared to collect, and furthermore, it contains the sap organ.


White widow discharges an impactful scent of wood, earth, flavors, and spices. You could nearly contrast it and the smell of pepper.


White widow’s smoke is viewed as sweet, having kinds of pine, earth, and citrus. It is normal with regards to White Widow bud’s taste that is citrusy when smoked.

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Growing Guide

With regards to developing White Widow cherishes high temperatures. This bud fills in warm districts since it requires bunches of daylight and a high temperature to develop. Fortunately, this bud is a low-upkeep strain. It is viewed as that the White Widow’s development rate is higher inside the indoor climate as it is inclined to have tank-farming development. Additionally, developing White Widow inside is a superior choice since it blossoms quicker inside when contrasted with the open-air climate. It is additionally recommended to keep the dampness level low to forestall buildup. Make a point to set the temperature between seventy to eighty degrees Fahrenheit when you are developing indoor plants.

Type of White Widow

This strain can be of three kinds and can contain a blend of Sativa and indica. Clients of this strain have a few choices to look over, yet the fundamental strains include:

White Rhino

White Rhino is a cross of White Widow. This one starts from India, Brazil, and Afghanistan and has high THC content. This is likewise popular with regards to these buds of this strain that it gives a powerful high and solid to clients. It is effectively conspicuous by its dim to light green leaves, a fragrance that blends sweet, gritty, and woody smell, and short height.

White Berry

This is the mix of blueberry with White Widow and furthermore known as Blue Widow, contingent upon the seeds and on the producer. This kind of stain is neither too invigorating nor a narcotic. This one is viewed as ideal for a blustery evening.

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White Satin

Half of Sativa and a similar level of an indica strain, numerous patients like this strain since it offers animating and new impacts alongside intriguing flavors. This strain has a smooth and fruity character that takes after blueberry pie and apricot. The impact of this strain makes the customers tranquil, stimulated, and removes the nervousness. It is likewise thought to be medicinally advantageous for individuals who are looking for therapy for melancholy, headaches, nervousness, persistent exhaustion, cerebral pain, and numerous others.

White Russian

This is likewise a cross-breed strain. White Russian strain is incredibly fragrant, containing organic products, desserts, skunks, and flavors. Shoppers of this strain depicted that the smoke of this bud is a bit brutal. Furthermore, its impact causes one to feel immediately stimulated and inspired. On the off chance that one takes a weighty portion of this substance, it can prompt tiredness.

Where to Buy White Widow Feminized seeds

While you’re probably going to discover White Widow feminized seeds at state-authorized dispensaries, they’re normally very costly, and there are no certifications. The most secure and most ideal alternative for cultivators to buy “feminized White Widow seeds” and numerous other premium cannabis seeds is to purchase from a respectable web-based seed bank, for example, (Seed Supreme)

Thus, in case you’re searching at the best costs on premium quality white Widow Feminized pot seeds, seedsupreme ought to be your seed bank of decision.

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