Popular Cat Breeds That You Can Adopt in The United States

Pets are great companions for everyone may it be an individual or a family and the numbers do not lie, according to statistics 68 percent or about 85 million families in the United States alone own at least one pet of different kinds, the more popular ones being cats and dogs with more than 42 million households having at least one cat as a pet right after dogs.

Cats began to be domesticated by humans more than ten thousand years ago during the earliest developments of human civilization when humans decided to settle on one location to farm the land and harvest grain that attract rodents.

But domesticated cats weren’t around America until the first European settlers arrived bringing with them their cats. These cats were brought to catch rodents on the ship that might otherwise eat their supply of food. However, cats were not considered pets or companions until the 19th century.

Popular Cat Breeds

The first is the American Shorthair breed. The American Shorthair is a breed of domestic cat believed to have descended from the first cats brought into America by European Settlers which interbred and adopted to cope with their new life and climate in Northern America.

  • This breed was originally called domestic shorthair but was renamed American shorthair to represent its origin and to distinguish it from other shorthair cat breeds. The American Shorthair has a muscular build with great agility and endurance with a round face, wide eyes, and medium-sized ears. This breed is known to be low maintenance because of its easy-going attitude, likes attention from people, and is sociable even to strangers.
  • The second is the Abyssinian breed. The Abyssinian is a short-haired cat breed with a distinctive ticked coat, their hair is banded by different colors, and is a slender medium-sized cat. It is considered one of the oldest domesticated cat breeds and is believed to have originated from Abyssinia, now modern-day Ethiopia.
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This cat breed is popular for those who want interaction with their pets, as opposed to other cat breeds who prefer to be independent. The Abyssinian is active and playful, often following its owner and wanting attention and affection but does not want to be held or cuddled. The Abyssinian also has a friendly temperament.

  • The third is the Ragdoll breed. The Ragdoll breed is known for their soft and semi-longhair, blue eyes, their large and muscular body, and docile behavior. The breed was developed by American Breeder Ann Baker in California during the 1960s. Unlike most cats, Ragdolls love being carried, cuddled, and held.

This breed is ideal for families with small children who like to play with their pets this is because the Ragdoll breed has both a docile personality and a strong tolerance for pain, children at times cannot tell when playing with the pet could trigger a harsh reaction from a cat or other kind of pet such as a dog. Like the Abyssinian Breed, the Ragdoll Breed are fond of following their owners around and are not aggressive against other pets.

  • Fourth is the British Shorthair. The British Shorthair is distinguished by its dense and short coat, a broad face that comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and is a large cat breed. This breed as opposed to other popular domesticated cat breeds is one of the oldest cat breeds which is believed to be a descendant of cats brought to the British Isles by the Romans during their invasion to control rodents.
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The British Shorthair is known for being good-natured and having a calm temperament which makes it a great pet for families. Despite being calm, the British Shorthair is active and playful and loves its owner’s attention and time, and is intelligent.

Because of their appearance and popularity, the British Shorthair breed has been seen starring in literature and some movies as popular characters.

  • The fifth is the Maine Coon Cat is one of the oldest cat breeds in North America, specifically in the State of Main where it is also the state cat. While there are no records of the Maine Coon Cat Breed’s origins and how long it has been in the United States, because of its appearance it is believed that it is related to the Norwegian Forest Cat.
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It is physically characterized by a big and robust bone structure, a long and bushy tail, and an uneven shaggy coat.

The Maine Coon Cat despite its looks is gentle and playful, almost dog-like, known for being loyal to family and being cautious of strangers, and is properly referred to as a gentle giant possessing intelligence and being easy to train.

  • The last on this list is the Persian Cat. The Persian Cat is a long-haired breed of domestic cat known for its luxurious coats. This Cat was first documented when the ancestors of the breed were imported into Italy from Khorsan Persia and into France from now modern-day Ankara Turkey.

The Persian Cat is and is not easily excited and is great for those living in an apartment. Although they are placid, the Persian Cat tends to be close with its owners and show affection and unlike most cats, like staying on the laptop of those it trusts.

To conclude there are a lot of popular cat breeds in the United States but this barely scratches the surface of the number of cat breeds in the U.S. and the world, Holistapet cat breeds provides more information on the different cat breeds and learn about the intricacies and differences of domesticated cat breeds.

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