5 Signs It’s Time to Have a Talk About Assisted Living

In life, there is no greater love and bond than the one we share with our parents. Unfortunately, the aging process happens to us all, and once your parents hit their senior years, it may be time to have some frank, honest discussions. As your loved ones age, their health and mobility will decline, which may mean it’s time to have a think about assisted living. If you’re not sure what steps to take next, here are some key signs that it may be time to have a talk about assisted living.

Chronic Health Problems

As your senior parent ages, any chronic health conditions they have will continue to get worse. This can weaken their immune system, meaning your loved one may fall ill more frequently and stay sick for longer periods. If you have concerns about your senior parents’ physical health, now may be the time to look into a facility such as McKnight Place senior living Richmond Heights.

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Frequent Falls

Another sign that it’s time to talk about assisted living is if your senior loved one is having frequent falls. When you reach your senior years, mobility issues are more prevalent, meaning your parent may not be as steady on their feet. If your loved one is living alone, you may have all sorts of worries about their health and safety. There are hazards in the home that your loved one can trip on which can result in catastrophic injuries. These can include bathroom fixtures, uneven carpet, and steps to get in and out of the home.

Change in Behavior

As their child, you should know your parents inside out. This means if you’ve noticed a change in your loved one’s behavior, it could be a sign that they’re in the early stages of dementia. Any signs of aggression and frustration could be an indicator that your loved one has the disease. Trying to take care of someone who is being physically or verbally abusive can be difficult to handle, which means it may be time to look into assisted living for your loved one. While you may want to take on the responsibility of caregiver for your senior parent, if they’re acting out of character and you haven’t got the right experience, you could be putting yourself in danger. It’s better to have experienced caregivers at an assisted living facility to look after your loved one.

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While it’s common for your loved one’s cognitive function to decline as they age, if they’re becoming increasingly confused and forgetful, now is the time to act. Whether your loved one is forgetting to take medicine, or they can’t remember key dates and events, this is another sign of dementia that cannot be ignored. If you are worried about your loved one’s memory, it may be the right moment to consider assisted living.

Difficulty Performing Daily Tasks

Whether it’s doing the grocery shopping, cleaning the house, or getting dressed and undressed, if your senior parent is having difficulty doing any of the three, it’s time to step in. The simplest of tasks may become overwhelming for your loved ones, and they may start becoming agitated and frustrated if they’re unable to perform such tasks. Instead of letting your senior parent suffer, checking out assisted living facilities may be the answer, which will allow your loved ones to relax and enjoy their golden years.

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Deciding for your senior parent(s) to go into assisted living can be heartbreaking. However, once you know they’re in safe hands, you can be confident your loved one is receiving the best care and support possible.

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