Why You Should Be Using a LCR Meter

An LCR Meter is the name of a device that is used for the measuring of the capacitance, inductance and resistance of a sensor, component or other device that is dependent on those factors. L denotes inductance, C denotes capacitance and R denotes resistance, hence the name of the device.

The device is used exclusively by electrical engineers and firms that make related products. There are good reasons why you should be using a LCR meter if you are one of these people, not least that it serves as three instruments in one, able to measure all three necessary values in one package.

How an LCR Meter works

Many people wonder how an LCR Meter can possibly work given that it has to operate three such devices within an undeniably small package. The simple answer to this is that it can do so because an LCR Meter works in a very straightforward fashion and is not at all complicated.

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The first step in how an LCR Meter works is that an alternating voltage gets passed through the device that is under test (referred to as DUT). The voltage going through the device will then be measured by the meter. A voltmeter has a parallel connection within the circuit for the purpose of measuring the voltage, which means that that the LCR Meter connections also conducts the voltage measurement from across the DUT.

The next step is that the current going through the DUT is measured by the meter. This takes place in the device’s internal circuitry so that the user does not have to constantly change the connections.

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By having the ratio taken of both measurements, the LCR meter is then able to calculate the DUT’s inductance.

After this has been done the device’s capacitance and resistance of the tested device can then be worked out in accordance with the impedance value measured from the device and will then be displayed on the LCR Meter’s screen.

Why LCR Meters are so useful

LCR Meters come with a number of advantages that make them so useful. One evident advantage is that it is very compact, putting three measuring units in one simple and easily portable device.

It is also important to point out that LCE meters are very accurate and provides users with high precision readings.

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LCR Meters are also able to discern the angle between the current measure and the voltage if this is so required.

LCR Meters are very quick to use and simple to calibrate. Operators just have to connect the meter’s two probes to the DUT and the measuring can begin.


An LCR Meter can be used in a wide variety of different applications in electrical related industries. They are used within laboratories for the calibration of components and for the purpose of circuit testing, and are also widely used in everyday life in new appliances such as televisions and refrigerators.

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