Which Famous Companies and Brands Use SMS Marketing?


The emergence of the newest digital marketing trends has provided several businesses with a new line of opportunities in today’s market. Due to the different marketing techniques available to companies with limited alternatives, they can prioritize anyone they desire. With the effective tactics entrenched in SMS marketing, it is a method that firms can use to boost brand recognition and customer engagement.

Several famous companies have seen the values in SMS marketing and have firmly embraced the strategy to maximize their profit. SMS marketing serves as a notification tool these brands (small and big) use for different things, from verification to news alerts. Let’s explore some famous companies that use this popular channel for specific purposes.

What Is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is a popular tool used by brands and companies to remain connected with their customers. It refers to a practice that involves sending marketing messages through text messages. This strategy helps to enhance customer engagement and get messages across to the target audience timely.

Textback.ai explains SMS marketing as the future of marketing. It is so powerful that when used correctly, it can easily capture people’s attention. Customers, who are on the move, can get professional SMS messages sent to their mobile phone contacts from a company– this shows the extent of how this channel can help companies get in touch more with their target audience as far as communicating time-sensitive offers, alerts, and updates are concerned.

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Benefits of SMS Marketing

SMS is a crucial digital marketing tool that must not be underestimated when it comes to company-customer relationships. Besides, it is one of the main factors when it comes to marketing tactics in several businesses; for instance, in real estate. Companies handle SMS marketing seriously because of several benefits they stand to enjoy, which revolve around increasing customer engagement, building customer loyalty, and driving conversations. Below are basic reasons companies need SMS marketing:


SMS marketing is a simple and effective method to reach a target audience. With it, marketers can have a convincing conversation using fewer characters at a time.

Personal Relationship

Companies and brands can have a personal relationship with their customers via text messages, which are private to the recipient.

Higher Conversion Rate

Compared to other digital marketing channels, SMS marketing features a higher conversion rate (Email: 0.5% CTR, SMS messages: 8% CTR).

Better Marketing channel

It is claimed that SMS marketing is by far a better way businesses can market their product and services compared to other digital marketing channels like chatbots, push notifications, and email.

Easy Implementation, Maintenance, and Outcome Tracking

SMS is a better option for companies that seek a marketing channel that can be set up and managed easily. Besides, it is not rocket science to track the performance of SMS campaigns.

Famous Companies and Brands that Use SMS Marketing

If you show me a successful brand and I will show you a business setup that prioritizes the use of SMS marketing as an excellent way to reach customers. Check below to see some famous companies and brands that use SMS marketing.

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Express is a famous American fashion retailer founded in 1980 and headquartered in California. It uses SMS marketing as a notification tool to reach out to customers about updates on products, orders, and exclusive offers. To be eligible for the latest mobile offers from this company, you need to text a keyword to the shortcode provided by the company.

As a customer, you can receive up to twelve messages every month. Depending on the branch you are dealing with and your country, there may be different shortcodes, for instance the text “HELP.” connects you with Express’s customer service.


Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, founded in 2004. It uses SMS and Facebook Messenger as tools to assist small businesses in building great digital marketing strategies. And it connects with customers via integrating social media platforms using bulk SMS marketing.

Moreover, Facebook sees the importance of text messages and utilizes them to enhance the security of customer profiles. Using two-factor authentication for activation through SMS is an excellent way to keep your account safe. You will get a verification code on your mobile phone number to confirm your identity when signing in from a new device.


IKEA is a famous furniture brand founded in 1943 in Sweden. It sees the benefits of SMS marketing and takes advantage of it and loyalty programs to promote sales. It is, in fact, one of the top furniture providers, with nearly 400 stores worldwide.

IKEA adopted the use of SMS marketing in 2009 to boost customer engagement. And fortunately, it has helped the brand to promote its new products to potential and existing customers. As a customer, IKEA will notify you not only about new products but also about exclusive offers and updates specific to the store.

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CNN began operations in 1980 as the American news cable television network. Text message alerts are its major method of reaching out to its target audience. If you are interested in getting text messages from the company, all you need to do is text “ALERTS” to a special shortcode. After this, you will receive updates on global happenings from time to time. You can unsubscribe by sending “STOP” to any of the messages you received from them.


Reebok was founded in 1895 as an athletic footwear and apparel company in England. SMS marketing is one of their effective business strategies. It sends discounts and promotional codes to customers via text messages. It also sends updates about new products and allows customers to enter contests via this medium. You can easily subscribe to their marketing messages through keywords and shortcodes. After this, you will be eligible to receive messages on the latest deals, offers, and updates.


In this digital age, every company seeks the best way to connect with its customers. SMS marketing is undeniably a great option that opens the door to several strategies they can adopt to promote their businesses. Through SMS marketing, companies and brands can effectively promote communications, run timely campaigns, reactivate inactive customers, create urgency with special offers, incentivize purchases, generate loyalty, go beyond self-promotion, inform customers, encourage engagement, and track results efficiently.

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