Trends in Digital Marketing

Whether you’re an online business owner or you run a brick-and-mortar establishment, there’s no doubt that staying on top of trends in digital marketing is an important part of running a successful organization. Here, Evan Tynan shares the latest trends in digital marketing that business owners, marketers, and advertisers need to know.

Get Real With Your Audience

Today’s social media audiences want to see the real deal behind your brand, not a curated story, according to Evan Tynan. Sharing the ins and out of your day-to-day business is key to inviting your audience into the inner workings of your brand, and can help them feel a connection with what you have to offer. Evan Tynan recommends that you don’t shy away from sharing the ups and downs of your business, as this helps you feel more real and relatable to your target market.

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Personalize Your Messaging

When you’re digitally advertising (especially on social media), you’ll want to work to get personal with your audience, according to Evan Tynan. This could mean sharing customer success stories, sharing pictures posted by happy customers, and talking directly to your target market if there’s a problem or issue with your product or service. Social media allows you to reach your audience directly, and it’s important to utilize the ability to have real conversations while getting to know your customers.

Share DIY Videos

People come to social media to learn, and sharing DIY videos is a great way to help customers get to know what you have to offer. If you’re running a fitness studio, for example, showing a quick at-home workout can help your audience get to know your style before they’re ready to invest in your services. When you provide free DIY content, your audience gets a no-risk chance to engage with you and get to know you, just like they would from browsing your online or brick-and-mortar store.

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Offer High-Quality Personal Interactions

With all of the chatbots out there today, it can be tempting to outsource many of your customer interactions. Doing so, however, is the last thing today’s customers want, according to Evan Tynan. In a world where life has been greatly digitized, connecting with your audience authentically (especially when they have a problem with your product or services) helps them to build trust in your brand. Particularly successful interactions can even spur satisfied customers to share your business with others, providing free word-of-mouth advertising.

Get Specific

Find out where your target market hangs out online, and focus your social media efforts there. Facebook is still strong, LinkedIn is growing fast, and Instagram is still popular with millennials. Stay on top of social media generational trends so that you’re able to spend your time online where it matters most, recommends Evan Tynan.

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