Ways To Prevent Parking Lot Car Accidents

No one likes to get involved in a car accident–not even a little fender bender. We do every little thing to avoid accidents. But still, there are some situations where car accidents occur frequently. One such common location is the parking lots. According to accident statistics, 20% of accidents occur in parking lots. 15% of auto insurance claims are from accidents that occur in parking spaces. Contact an Orlando car accident lawyer if you get involved in a car accident in a parking lot.

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Ways to prevent parking lot car accidents

Parking lot accidents can be avoided in most cases. One can save time and nuisance by learning to prevent such accidents. That way, you can keep yourself and your passenger safe and the car looking new. Here are some tips to prevent parking lot car accidents.

Drive slowly and cautiously

It is the most important tip for safe driving around parking lots. Driving cautiously is always a good thing, and in the case of parking spaces where lots of cars are parked on every side, it is imperative.

Everyone is in a hurry to reach their destination, but driving slower in parking spaces can help you avoid accidents. Many cars back up and maneuver throughout parking spaces, and driving cautiously can help you and other cars on the road avoid collisions.

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Do not drive in circles

Most of us drive around the parking lots looking for spaces or spot nearest to the entrance. But such places are prone to heavy traffic, and there are high chances of colliding with another vehicle. You should search for spots where you can pull through without reversing.

Stay in lane

Even though most parking lots are private property, you should drive as if the road rules still apply. We have encountered drivers that move diagonally across the parking space to get where they are going. You should not be one of them, stay in designated lanes and take turns as you would in a typical driving situation.

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Keep gaps between the neighbor’s vehicle

Keep enough gap from the nearby parked vehicle, so you do not damage yours or their vehicle while opening the door. If you can, park beside a four-door vehicle rather than a two-door one. Two-door cars have heavier and longer doors meaning they are likely to damage the car beside them.

Do not park near cart-stalls

Shopping carts can not cause significant damage to your car, but there are chances to cause bumps and scratches that can take away your car’s paint and value.

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