7 Steps in the Addiction Recovery Journey

Struggling with an addiction is difficult, and starting the journey toward recovery can seem overwhelming, but once you learn the steps you need to take on the journey, the process can seem less daunting.

These 7 steps can help addicts to start and stay on an addiction recovery journey.

Admit you have a problem

The first step to recovery is admitting there is a problem. If you or your loved one cannot acknowledge that there is an addiction getting help will be hard to impossible. Addicts rarely change unless they want to, and so they have to admit they have a problem and want help as the first step to a true recovery.

Find support

Once you have voiced the problem and decided to get help you will want to find a support system. Family, friends, and anyone else willing to support you through the process of your recovery are crucial to your journey. Addiction recovery is hard, and no one can do it alone, so finding a support system is vital.

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The first part of recovery is detoxing drugs or alcohol from your body. There are a few ways to detox, but the most recommended method is starting the journey with medical detox. Medical detox is observed by medical professionals and can be supplemented with medications to ensure the patient is safe and as comfortable as possible during the process.


After detoxing, withdrawals start to happen. Physical withdrawal symptoms can also be treated with medication but often cannot be removed entirely. Some symptoms of withdrawal, such as irritation, panic, anxiety, trouble sleeping, depression, and trouble concentrating, can take months and even years to go away.

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When suffering from withdrawal, you will probably need to rely heavily on your support system and sober community to stay strong.


The next step to recovery is finding treatment. There are many treatment options, such as rehab facilities, 12-step programs, and behavioral therapy. No matter what treatment method you choose, you must learn to stay strong to reach true recovery.

These treatments can help provide you with a community you can rely on throughout your journey. They also often help teach you coping skills and provide you with hobbies to help you stay sober.

Have a relapse strategy

Once you finish treatment, you will want to set up a strategy to help you avoid relapse. This strategy should help you identify triggers and use coping skills. To stay sober, you will probably need to find new friends and places to hang out so that you aren’t around things that can trigger your addiction.

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Learning how to relax and reduce stress is an excellent way to help prevent relapse. You should also create a schedule and have good habits to help replace old ones.

Build the life you want

Once you are in a comfortable place in your recovery, you can start to work on building your dream life. Foster good relationships, learn new things and create the life you have always wanted.


Addiction recovery can be a long journey, but if you follow these 7 steps, you will be well on your way to a sober lifestyle.

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