Use Gamification Marketing to Level Up Your Next Brand Campaign

Gamification marketing brings game elements into your marketing campaigns, injecting fun, competitiveness, and the thrill of winning into engagement with your brand. It’s a clever way for brands and marketing agencies to design a campaign that motivates consumers to engage and gets them more invested in a way they never would with a more passively-experienced campaign.

By using gamification marketing, you can transform a simple campaign into one that builds deeper connections with consumers. There are plenty of ways you can incorporate gamification marketing. Check out some of the most popular ideas to add an element of interactivity and competition to your campaign.

Web and Mobile Gaming

Digital marketing is getting tougher and tougher. People have become so inundated with online ads that they’re adapting and tuning out. Recent research shows that only 9% of digital ads get at least one second of attention from consumers, and only 4% of ads get two seconds or more.

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The rest go largely ignored, and the rise in ad blockers has made it even easier for consumers to get rid of the visual clutter that they experience on the internet.

Web and mobile gaming are ways to cut through the static and get online consumers to engage with your brand. Brands need to add value to the experience of engagement if they want to tap into consumers’ precious time. Even simple web and mobile games can help them get there.

Integrate loyalty points or in-store currency as a reward, or use a public leader board on social media to inspire competition!

Brand Activations

When you bring your campaign out into the real world, gamification experiences can put engagement into hyperdrive.

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Brand activations are in-person events where marketers and brand ambassadors reach out to consumers to launch new products, generate buzz, and associate their brand with positive experiences. They often revolve around giveaways or creating a unique type of experience.

Gamification marketing is a great way to create a memorable moment for your brand activation. There are now portable digital billboards you can use to create big, eye-catching displays and interactive games in person.

Sports Sponsorship Activations

Sponsorship activations at live sports events are big business, and brands love getting a chance to tap into passionate sports fanbases. Gamification marketing is a great way to make sure your activation gets noticed in all the excitement and noise that comes with live sports.

When you rent portable digital billboards for an activation, there are a number of sports-themed games you should be able to find off the shelf, though you can also look for a custom solution that will help you really stand out.

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Trivia is an effective way to engage with audiences when you’re targeting a specific demographic with tailored interests. The key to a successful trivia-based activation is knowing your audience’s age and interests so that you can find the right balance that will both challenge audiences and give them the thrill of success.

Loyalty Points

Last but not least, loyalty points remain an essential standard in gamification marketing. Loyalty points motivate consumers to buy your products and use your app. Loyalty points reward your most active and frequent customers and encourage more sales.

Put gamification to work for your next campaign!

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