Invisalign for Kids, Good or Bad?

You may not think much about a smile, but there is more to it. Apart from the fact that a smile has the power to pump up your day and give you a good mood, it tells a lot about your health too.

Though age doesn’t really matter when it comes to addressing concerns about your oral health, just like worries about your teeth, it is always best to start early. You don’t want your smile taken away from you, especially from your child. This is why it is best to see orthodontic professionals in Australia and deal with snags immediately.

A good smile also means a good life because your oral health care matters as much too. To achieve the dream of having a good smile, the need for orthodontic treatment may arise. Invisalign can be one.

In dealing with the issues of your kids, is Invisalign a good option? Continue reading this article to know more.

Braces or Invisalign?

Orthodontic problems are recommended to be attended to at the earliest possible time hence; early diagnosis is imperative. For smile mouth issues such as bite problems, teeth gaps, and crowded teeth, the most common treatment offered is having dental braces.

Though having braces is conventional, it comes with some inevitable consequences like slight discomfort, being noticeable, and too much pressure on the teeth. These are some of the reasons why some patients find dental braces uncomfortable.

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On the brighter side, dental professionals also offer alternative treatment choices, one of which is Invisalign. Invisalign functions like metal braces but without wires and brackets because it is a clear aligner It straightens teeth by covering them and gently pulling them into their proper position. The good thing about Invisalign is that it works fast and efficiently without the hassle of metal brackets or wires.

If there is one great thing about Invisalign, it is the fact that it is like you are not wearing anything when you have one. Though it is not the solution for severe orthodontic issues, it serves really well for its designated purpose. It applies minimal pressure to the teeth, and it is more comfortable than braces.

Invisalign is a Safe Choice

Can children wear Invisalign? The simple answer to this is yes. But before you decide what is best for your child, get to know more about it.

In place of metal braces, Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that is also used to straighten teeth, fix bite problems, and address teeth gaps and even crowding. Specifically, it is a clear aligner designed to fit tightly over the teeth and is also less perceptible.

Invisalign is a perfectly safe choice to be worn by children. However, before resorting to wearing this, there are some important things to ponder. Your child should be at the right age. The readiness of the teeth to withstand the pressure from this treatment is a very vital thing to consider. Thus, the best option is to seek professional advice from your orthodontist before making Invisalign a choice.

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The Good Deals About Invisalign for Kids

The major advantage of Invisalign as an option is the fact that it is removable. Unlike braces, it can be removed during meals which makes it easier to eat and hence the opportunity to enjoy the food without worrying about breaking a bracket or loosened wire. This also adds to the convenience of maintaining proper oral hygiene, such as when brushing and cleaning the Invisalign.

Say bye to sore spots! Invisalign saves your child from sore spots inside the mouth that are caused by friction with the brackets and wires. The insides of your lips and cheeks will not have to go through pain and irritation, which is commonly experienced with braces.

Invisalign is a good booster of confidence and mental health since it keeps your child from the usual attention that braces draw since it is clear and barely visible. It also gives your child the treatment needed without the feeling of anxiousness.

Do you want to know another good deal about Invisalign? It is the fact that it offers effectiveness and comfort. Since it can be removed and it is only required that it should be worn at least 22 hours a day, it protects your child from other oral problems such as tooth decay and cavities, apart from allowing comfort in eating and cleaning. More than that, it is as effective as dental braces when it comes to solving orthodontic issues.

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The Other Side About Invisalign for Kids

Though Invisalign offers a lot of pros for your child, it is also imperative to look at the other side. For it to be effective, it should be made sure that it is worn during the minimum number of hours required. Wearing it necessitates compliance and discipline. Being lax is not a good thing when wearing Invisalign.

In addition to what was mentioned, the other downside is the possibility of losing or misplacing the Invisalign since it is removable. Thus, your child must also be responsible for keeping the Invisalign, especially since it is more expensive than dental braces.


Should you get your child an Invisalign? Remember that the answer to this is ultimately what your child really needs. Invisalign is a good choice for children and a good alternative for dental braces when dealing with orthodontic issues. The best way to bring a good smile to your child is still to seek professional advice.

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