6 Wonderful Washi Tape Applications You Need to Know

Washi tapes are very popular nowadays for their colorful and adorable features. Most people are using them for scrapbooks or other stationaries. However, you can also use this product for purposes other than school. The fact that washi tapes can stick to any material, including wood, metal, and concrete, gives you a hint of how to use them best. So please sit back and read as we show you how to make the most of your washi tape collection.

Six Fun Ways to Use Washi Tapes

Writing Material Cover

Washi tapes are an excellent alternative for creating a stylish cover for notebooks, books, and even your planners. Its distinctive design makes you want to use your writing materials well. The same goes with your pens too. It looks cute, and your friends and classmates will be able to identify your belongings because of the unique cover you have on them. You can easily apply and remove this tape whenever you want.

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Wall Art

Style your boring walls with your custom washi tape. This material quickly gains popularity due to its ease of application and removal from your walls without damaging the paint. Because it is a suitable wall art textile, you can choose any design you want for a month and then change it the following month.


If you run out of packing or duct tape, washi can be a good substitute for wrapping your packages. This type of tape will make a cute impression on your buyers, especially those who sell online. Not everyone will think of using washi to make your packaging more personal. Aside from that, you can change up your gift wrappers by using washi tapes. It is also quite distinctive due to its superior design selection.

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Frame Design

Make your photo frames come to life with washi tape. You can add these to your photo frames to make them livelier, especially if you display them in living rooms. The designs are more likely to produce a tremendous visual pattern that will complement your home well. You can also make your frame out of washi tapes. Cut two-inch strips of this kind of tape and use them to attach the photographs to any surface. It can stick to almost anything that inspires you to create this item.

Nail Art

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Washi tapes have unique patterns and designs that are also good for nail art. If your nail artist runs out of ideas for good techniques, you can use this tape to create a new one. Cut them to fit your nail size, apply nail polish to your nails, stick them on, and then finish with another colorless polish. Compared to the actual nail painting you usually get; the tapes are easier to remove and replace.

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Book lovers will appreciate it even more if they have washi tape bookmarks. This product makes it easier to read reading material and return to it without having to fold the entire page. All you must do is put these washi tape bookmarks between the pages of whatever you are reading. It is also handy and easy to make; you can make as many as you like.


These are just a few of the multiple ways you can put your favorite washi tape to use. You can do tons with it, but the only thing that will keep you grounded is your limited imagination. If you enjoy DIY projects, these washi tapes will come in handy.

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