Understanding Wage Violations: Things worth knowing!

There are state and federal laws that focus on wages, and while employees are aware of their rights, they don’t see through the tactics and tricks that employers often use. The truth is employers don’t always adhere to the laws and often prioritize profits over everything else. Wage violations are way too common, and it is absolutely essential to seek legal help. Find a wage & hour attorney if you believe you are dealing with any of the situations listed below.

Not paying minimum wages

Federal law guarantees $7.25 an hour, but as per state laws, you may be entitled to more, depending on whether you get tips. If you believe your employer is citing unusual laws to not pay the minimum wage, you have reasons to discuss the matter with your lawyer.

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Not paying for the number of working hours

Whether you have worked 40 hours or more, you deserve to get paid for each hour. It is not rare to come across cases where employers haven’t paid for the number of hours an employee has worked for. If you are getting a salary, there are exceptions, but there is no way your employer can try avoiding your full dues.

Not paying for overtime

For overtime, you are entitled to receive 1.5 times the regular pay for each hour of work over 40 hours. You shouldn’t accept “comp time” as an excuse for not paying for your overtime. This is one of the many tactics that employers use, and you can take action if you are being denied your rights despite working so hard.

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Not explaining deductions

Many workers are often shocked to find that they have deductions in their paychecks for uncommon reasons. While your employer can focus on payroll deductions and taxes, they cannot deduct money for the sake of it. For instance, you can talk to an attorney about if you have been charged or not paid for a partial day’s absence.

Making special arrangements

Because people often want work beyond anything else, they may end up in arrangements that are anything but normal, agreeing to work at a lower rate or for longer hours for a lesser amount. Your employer cannot do that and should pay the minimum wage for the number of hours you have worked.

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Employment law is confusing and often hard to deal with, which is why you need an attorney to review your case to take further legal action.

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