Domestic Violence Accusations in New Jersey: What the Accused Should Not Do

Facing charges of domestic violence is a serious matter that courts in New Jersey take seriously. Sadly, the accused is often assumed to be guilty even before a hearing in court. Such rush judgment can affect the accused individual and their odds of getting just treatment under the law. Because of this, it is important for those accused of domestic violence to seek legal help from a reliable defense attorney such as those at A knowledgeable lawyer can protect their rights and make sure they aren’t infringed upon. They will educate their client on the things they can and cannot do to ensure the integrity of their case.

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What the Accused Must Not Do

After an arrest, the accused must build their defenses as soon as possible. Whatever they say and the way they act during and following their arrest can affect the outcome of their case. This includes giving the police officer a lot of information or telling them their side of the story. But the accused’s words can be used against them later. So, it is best not to speak with law enforcement officers once they know they are under arrest. Also, they must act respectfully and never resist.

Law enforcement may say something incriminating to the accused. From their perspective, talking too much may be interpreted as a sign of guilt. After the suspect starts to show what the officers think indicates guilt, they may ask more questions to try to get the suspect to talk more. To avoid this situation, it’s important for the suspect to call and hire a lawyer who specializes in domestic violence cases as soon as they can. The lawyer is their best bet as they pursue a favorable outcome for their case.

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Other Things that Must be Avoided

No matter what a person accused of domestic violence does, they must not speak with the person who is accusing them. They may want to contact the accuser to explain their side of the story or clear up any confusion. However, this is not a good idea. The accuser can be intimidated or scared when they get calls or messages from the person they accused of domestic violence. When this happens, the legal liability of the accused will increase. It’s imperative for the accused to just share their side of the story with their attorney. They have to speak honestly with their attorney to increase their chances of getting exonerated.

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