Top 35 Cryptocurrency Facts You Need to Know in 2023

The advent of cryptocurrency cleared the door for a financially independent society. Although some people are still on the fence regarding crypto investment, there is undeniably consistent growth in this market. The absence of government oversight during the purchasing and trading this digital money is one of its main selling points. Regulations, which are thought to benefit the system more than individual investors, are a major impediment to the efficiency of business transactions. You can learn more about bitcoin trading by following this link.

We compiled important bitcoin statistics for 2022 and 2023. Perhaps your next crypto market move will benefit from these:

  1. On December 1st, 2022, the total value of all cryptocurrencies on the planet was $858.43 billion.
  2. The amount of trading in cryptocurrency investment products increases by 127%.
  3. Over one hundred per cent of people think cryptocurrency is safe.
  4. Approximately two-thirds of the young folks of today believe that Bitcoin is a safe investment.
  5. The attention isn’t just coming from the younger age, though.
  6. Bitcoin is the most widely used cryptocurrency as of 2018.
  7. Passive income is the goal of over half of crypto investors
  8. The owners have no qualms about accepting cryptocurrency as payment.
  9. Cryptocurrency trading volume has dropped to $47.1 billion per day.
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We can say the value of the cryptocurrency market may be broken down as follows:

  1. The leading cryptocurrencies account for over 84% of the entire market value
  2. Most owners choose a centralized market or exchange to trade their cryptocurrency.
  3. Traders invest their extra money in cryptocurrencies
  4. Most consumers still have trouble due to fraud and cybercrime in 2013.
  5. More than $1 billion worth of cryptocurrency has been stolen or lost due to scams in the previous two years.
  6. Someone posts something on social media about cryptocurrency every two seconds.
  7. As much as $27 billion in savings might be realized if banks adopt blockchain technology.
  8. Men in the US are 2.8% more likely to be cryptocurrency holders than women.
  9. Every three seconds, a new social media post discusses Bitcoin.
  10. In 2020’s fourth quarter, most transactions were on Ethereum, a cryptocurrency that competes with Bitcoin.
  11. The top 10 cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap account for around 90 percent of the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies.
  12. Daily Bitcoin transactions are worth $6 billion.
  13. Prepaid/gift cards had a 26.3% acceptance rate for BitPay, while consumer electronics had a 1.74% acceptance rate.
  14. In the United States, 16% of the population has tried cryptocurrency.
  15. Nearly 70 million people across the world have Blockchain Wallets.
  16. It takes between $500,000 and $1 million to develop an algorithm that can detect signals in the crypto market that might potentially cause significant price changes.
  17. The phrase “virtual currency” has replaced “cryptocurrency” as the most common way to refer to digital currency
  18. Nigerians indicate the highest rates of virtual currency ownership and use (32%), while Americans are the ninth most likely to utilize virtual currency (6%).
  19. The majority of Bitcoin users are men, according to a recent study.
  20. When comparing the gender breakdown of the Bitcoin community, men account for 85.77 per cent and women for 14.23 per cent of the activity.
  21. At 30, guys are more likely than females to have heard of Bitcoin. Survey results suggest that white respondents are more knowledgeable about Bitcoin than Hispanic or Black ones.
  22. Over 10 million houses’ worth of electricity may be supplied by Bitcoin mining alone.
  23. By 2020, Tesla had spent $1.5 billion of the $4.5 billion it had received in environmental subsidies on Bitcoin.
  24. The carbon footprint of a single Bitcoin transaction is the same as that of 735,121 Visa transactions or 55,280 hours of YouTube viewing.
  25. There are $4,466,697,344 in annual Bitcoin mining power expenditures.
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With only a few mouse clicks, you may have your own stock portfolio and trading account set up and ready to go.


Although it’s relative youth compared to other established financial tools, the blockchain business is rapidly expanding and might eventually upend many others. A clear grasp of the current state of the cryptocurrency industry is essential whether you are serious about entering the market or planning to create your blockchain-based social enterprise.

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