These 3 Cryptocurrencies Can Perform Better Than Bitcoin in 2022

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that needs to be introduced. Launched back in 2008, it is the top and most popular cryptocurrency in today’s time. Aimed to change today’s financial system, Bitcoin has already garnered enough support in the community. It is one reason why Bitcoin’s value, demand, BTC in INR conversion, and growth prospects will rarely leave you disappointed.

Although the year 2022 hasn’t been too good for Bitcoin till now, investors are still hopeful for an optimistic future. Bitcoin can be a viable option to go if it’s to be able to meet its investor returns of 60% in the last year or its average annualized 220% return over the last ten years. In the meantime, Bitcoin is continuing to gain momentum within the current price range; here are three cryptocurrency options that have a great beginning in 2022.

Aave (AAVE)

Aave has risen 28% over the past few weeks. As reported on CoinMarketCap, AAVE was valued at $165.88 – beating Bitcoin by 10 % at the same time. This figure is subject to change with time, so always check the latest price of any cryptocurrency while investing or in the research phase. Aave is a financial decentralization (DeFi) platform that lets individuals take out loans and borrow over a dozen varieties of crypto directly to one another. Aave is the first venture within the DeFi space to offer non-collateralized loans, also known as “flash loan.”

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In addition, the borrowers of the Aave network can switch between fixed and variable rates of interest based on market conditions, allowing for more control and savings for investors. This unique proposition alone has attracted many investors’ attention to this cryptocurrency. Besides Aave, Polygon (MATIC) has also emerged as a promising cryptocurrency-based primarily on its unique utility. So you might also want to buy Polygon, if not Aave.

Elrond (EGLD)

Elrond is currently available for purchase at $184.89 when writing this article. It is increasing by 33% over recent weeks, which is almost double that of Bitcoin’s performance per its charts on CoinMarketCap. Elrond creators define it as a blockchain-based platform to support a “new web economy and decentralized applications that are for enterprise use.” If you’re an investor who cherry-picks cryptocurrency based on the utility or value they provide, Elrond might be ideal for your portfolio.

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Its primary distinction is that it’s incredibly flexible and quick, capable of being able to perform greater than 15,000 transactions in a second, with settlements taking place in just 6 seconds. What more? The cost of transactions is less than 1/100th of one penny. To increase the use of the technology, the company lets developers who create decentralized applications using the Elrond layer the chance to receive up to 30 % of the smart contract’s fees as a form of a royalty-sharing model.

Kyber Network (KNC)

Kyber Network is reportedly up by 53 % in the past 30 days as per CoinMarketCap — almost three times more than Bitcoin’s gains in the same time frame, as of writing. Kyber is claiming to be the only tool that allows users to exchange cryptocurrency directly with no third-party central exchange. It was developed to act as a connector between different liquid pools — a pool of money deposited in a smart contract and distributed across blockchains that offer a high level of security.

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The Kyber system is also “user-friendly” to developers, allowing for the quick launch and rollout of new features, services and applications throughout the Kyber network.

Remember, these are opinions only and are not financial advice. Investors should conduct their own investigation and only invest the amount they can afford to risk. Although Bitcoin’s future is excellent in the coming years, there are other cryptocurrency worth considering in the near future.

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