A Small Guide to Getting NIF Portugal

If you are one of those who intend to get NIF in the shortest time possible, keep on reading this article. You will learn valuable info that will become of great help.

Make Sure You Know What Is NIF at All

NIF is a unique taxpayer number, and there are 9 digits in it. But do not think that you are going to need this number simply for tax purposes and stuff linked to this. It is much more than that: NIF turns out to be really helpful in daily situations too.

If you wonder what is meant by this, feel free to take a look at the routine situations that require having NIF:

  • Making an appointment at the doctor’s;
  • Opening a business of your own;
  • Signing the mobile contract with the Portuguese operator;
  • Buying or renting property;
  • Establishing an account in one of the Portuguese banks, and even more than that.
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The Categories of People Who May Get NIF

Actually, it is hard to name those who are not going to be allowed to get NIF. The only matter to keep in mind is that there are certain differences speaking of how exactly the process will be arranged.

Citizens and residents of Portugal are about to receive NIF by means of visiting the local tax office. They will have to state their address in the application.

The citizens and residents of the EU countries can also obtain NIF without anybody else’s help. Nevertheless, they will have to arrive in Portugal for such a purpose. As for the address, it is okay to state the place where they live now in the application (on the EU territory).

People from countries that are not a part of the EU should use the services of the tax representative. It is going to be necessary to state the address of the tax representative in the application. So, as you can see, it is obligatory to have a fiscal representative. By the way, it can be a lawyer or a firm. Anyway, the key idea behind this is that this person (or people) will be responsible for the process of interaction with the Portuguese authorities. Besides, he has to get notifications from the government and make sure that the taxpayer does not forget to deal with all the payments on time.

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Getting NIF with the Help of the Intermediary

This way will surely turn out to be the easiest and the whole process will be really convenient. You as a client are going to be obliged to suggest all of the necessary documents, pay a fee, and this is it. Wait with patience till your NIF number is ready!

By the way, a list of the documents to present (you will have to upload their scans) is not too big at all. You should only provide a copy of the passport and statement of address outside Portugal. This is what the process is going to look like. Easy enough, right?

As for the time of expecting the final result, it may differ a lot. Remember that everything is going to depend on several factors. First of all, it is important to bear in mind how busy your intermediary is. The same can be told about the authorities. If they have too many applications to deal with, the process may take longer.

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What is more, you should be absolutely sure that your documents will be okay. By this, the quality of the scans is meant first of all.

How Expensive Is It to Get NIF?

NIF Portugal (online) number receiving is an easy and convenient option as you already know. But you should keep in mind that you will be obliged to pay a certain sum of money for this sort of comfort and convenience.

So, the exact figure will depend on who you collaborate with. A trustworthy intermediary will charge you more anyway. Actually, it is one more important aspect that matters a lot. It is vital to select people who will be able to help you fast and effectively and not charge too much for this assistance. Good luck then and be careful!

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