The 9 Vital Reasons for Outsourcing QA

While many are used to the idea of outsourcing software development, working with third-party quality assurance outsourcing companies is still a relatively new concept. Some companies completely neglect the importance of quality assurance, some hope that a sequence of simple internal tests will suffice, some are considering hiring an internal QA engineer “possibly”.

There are enough customers who have made a quality assurance nihilism error before to find out how important and practical offshore managed qa services are.

Here is a list of the main reasons why you need to outsource quality assurance for your software development projects:

Really improve the product

So many companies are trying to skip the quality assurance process because they want to get started faster. However, it is a fairly expensive mistake that sooner or later appears as a problem. Before moving on, first of all: you need quality control to create a quality product.

Even if you are working on an internal application that only your salespeople will use, do not ignore the test step of the software.

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Receive an objective evaluation

It is always better to have separate teams to develop and test software products. If your quality assurance team has participated in product development, it is already biased and it is extremely difficult to avoid when your internal team runs the tests.

Use the latest quality assurance techniques and methods

As software development progresses and becomes more complicated, quality assurance also evolves. There are test methods, techniques and frameworks that your internal team will simply not be aware of in 90% of cases.

That’s why bringing in a true quality assurance professional automated tests, multiplatform tests and other test methods are invaluable. You pay not only for the time of your QA engineer, but also for his expertise. Good expertise always has a cost.

It takes time to hire and control employees

If you have never had an in-house QA engineer, hiring one will take much more time and resources than simply using a software testing outsourcing company. Ask your human resources manager – every new type of employee to hire requires research, interview preparations and much more. Skip this part and use the professionals someone has already hired, tried and tested (pun).

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Get clear estimates of costs and the quality assurance schedule

Large offshore software testing contractors have streamlined their processes and know the life cycle of software testing. Once you have obtained the quote for their quality assurance services, they are very likely to stick to it, both the prices and the schedule.

With a serious quality assurance partner, you can be sure that you will meet all deadlines – and it is worth paying.

Outsourcing is actually cheaper

Hiring, dismissing and paying taxes for an employee is never fun. If you have enough work to employ a good QA engineer all year round, it’s perfect! But what happens if you just need quality software tests for a one-time project?Outsourcing quality assuranceis convenient and cost-effective if you do not have new software in constant production.

Additional resources and scalability if necessary

Imagine that you have hired an internal engineer to test your product. One thing leads to the other and your management reports that there will be MUCH more QA work for the next 2-3 months. Your options are to change the delivery date or hire another QA engineer with an uncertain future.

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If you use third-party test services, you will not encounter such problems. Offshore quality assurance agencies have enough resources to evolve or accelerate your work if necessary.

Business expertise

In addition to their technical expertise, offshore QA agencies will bring their business expertise to the table. We noticed that working with our customers – after seeing so many companies grow, our representatives always offer specific, actionable and non-obvious suggestions that increase revenues.

Hiring third-party software testers is another chance to validate your business processes and ideas with a team of experienced professionals.

Protect your source code

Intellectual property is a serious problem – and another reason to work with professionals. While you work with quality assurance agencies, you sign an appropriate contract protecting your intellectual property.

In addition, most third-party testing services work with your end products from the point of view of users, that is, they do not see or touch the source code at all. This brings objectivity – but also the security of your inventions.

Need to publish a reliable, durable and scalable application? Reach us and talk about your quality assurance needs!

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