7 Steps to Increase YouTube Views Organically

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and if you want to get noticed, you need to make sure your videos are properly optimized. You can also get help from the best places to get YouTube views. There are several things you can do to increase views on your YouTube videos, and we’ve broken them down into seven easy steps.

1) Use Descriptive and Keyword Rich Titles

Your title is one of the first things that people will see when they come across your video, so make sure it’s descriptive and keyword-rich. This will not only help people understand what your video is about, but it will also help it rank higher in search results.

The title of your video is one of the first things people will see and it needs to be attention-grabbing and relevant to the content. Make sure to use keywords that you want to rank for but don’t stuff them in there, keep it natural.

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2) Create Engaging Thumbnail Images

Your thumbnail image is what people will see when they are scrolling through YouTube so make sure it’s engaging and something that will make people want to click on your video. You can use Canva to create professional-looking thumbnail images for free.

Your thumbnail is one of the first things people will see and it needs to be attractive and relevant. Try using graphics tools like Canva to easily create great-looking thumbnails.

3) Use Keywords in Your Video Tags

YouTube tags are keywords that you can use to describe your video. By including relevant tags, you’re giving YouTube a better idea of what your video is about which will help it rank higher in search results.

Make sure to do your research and use a variety of relevant keywords in your tags. This will give YouTube a better idea of what your video is about and help it appear in more searches.

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4) Optimize Your Video Descriptions

Your video description is another important place to include keywords as they will help your video rank higher in YouTube’s search algorithm. However, don’t stuff too many keywords in there as this will only make your video look spammy. Instead, focus on writing a well-written and engaging description that will entice people to watch your video.

YouTube descriptions are important for ranking but don’t go overboard with the keywords. Write a well-crafted description that will engage viewers and make them want to watch your video.

5) Add Closed Captions to Your Videos

YouTube videos with closed captions are more likely to show up in search results than those without. This is because YouTube’s search algorithm can read the text in your video and match it with relevant keywords.

Adding closed captions to your YouTube videos can improve their ranking as YouTube’s search algorithm can read the text. This makes it easier for your videos to appear in searches for relevant keywords.

6) Promote Your Videos on Social Media

Social media is a great way to promote your YouTube videos and increase your views. You can share your videos on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get more people to watch them. Make sure to use relevant hashtags and tag people or pages related to your video content.

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Utilize social media platforms to share your videos and reach a larger audience. Try using relevant hashtags and tagging related people or pages to improve engagement.

7) Collaborate with Other YouTubers

One of the best ways to increase your YouTube views is by collaborating with other YouTubers who have a similar audience to you. This can be done by creating a joint video or promoting each other’s videos on your channels. Collaborating with others is a great way to reach a new audience and grow your channel.

Reach a new audience by collaborating with other YouTubers. This can be done by creating joint videos or promoting each other’s content on your channels.


YouTube is a great way to build an audience and promote your business or brand. By following the tips in this article, you’re on your way to optimizing your YouTube channel and getting more views on your videos.

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