Presentation of the 2022 World Cup Teams – Argentina National Team

Argentina is a two-time world champion, South American Copa America record holder. The biggest star of this team is Lionel Messi, for whom this World Cup will certainly be the last in the national team. Argentina, as always, is one of the main favorites for the biggest football tournament, the team has a strong squad and is determined to please its fans. Bookmakers not rank the Argentines among the main favorites of the World Cup, but despite this, their chances of success remain quite high. Consider the prospects for the Argentina national team at the upcoming World Cup.

Brief information

The Argentina national team played its first official match in May 1901. For many years, they could not achieve any success in the international arena. However, then came the “golden generation” led by Diego Maradona. They showed beautiful football, however, this did not affect the results. Maradona and Messi have won the most important South American football tournament, the Copa America many times. In total, the Argentina national team has 15 victories! She has also won the Olympic Games four times.

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The Argentines played their first memorable World Cup in 1978. Despite the absence of the most important player Diego Maradona, the South American team reached the final, where they met with the Netherlands. The Argentines turned out to be stronger and won their first league title! In 1986, the World Cup became a one-man show. During the tournament, Maradona scored 5 times and made 5 assists. In the final match, Argentina beat Germany 3-2. In the new generation, the star of Lionel Messi, who has already entered the history of football, lit up. The PSG striker has already managed to break all records. However, Leo still has not achieved one big success – victory at the World Championships. From 2007 to 2016, the Argentina national team lost three times in the finals of the America’s Cup and once in the World Cup. Messi, representing Albiselestes, has already appeared four times in the World Cup, but reached the final only once.

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Notable Argentina national team players

Experts note that the Argentina national team has undergone a transformation in recent years. A modified team will go to Qatar, unlike the one that competed at the 2018 World Cup. Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria, Nicolas Otamendi are the representatives of the old guard. Talented football players of the new generation – Lisandro Martinez, Rodrigo De Paul, Giovanni Lo Celso, Julian Alvarez, Lautaro Martinez and others.

Argentina’s path to the 2022 World Cup

The Argentines quickly secured promotion to this year’s competition in Qatar. All teams played two-legged matches according to the “home and away” system. In the qualifying round, Albicelestes players scored 39 points. They won 11 matches and drew 6 more games. Thus, in qualifying, the Argentines did not lose a single sparring.

Argentina’s group rivals at the 2022 World Cup

In the group round, the Argentines will meet with the Poles, Mexicans and Saudi Arabia. Despite the fact that Mexico and Poland represent fairly strong teams, they will most likely fight among themselves only for the second place in the group, which gives them the right to reach the 1/8 finals. The debut match of Lionel Messi and the company will hold against Saudi Arabia. This is a great chance to start confidently, delighting the fans with a large number of goals scored. Next, the Argentines will play against Mexico. The final match will take place against the Polish national team. The Poles and Mexicans are certainly strong teams and can cause problems for any team, but if you rely solely on the strength and current form of the teams, these are not competitors for Argentina.

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Bookmakers are confident that the Argentina national team will be able to take first place in their group at the 2022 World Cup and successfully qualify for the 1/8 finals. We also have no doubts about it. Argentina looks much more powerful than their rivals in terms of composition, this World Cup will be special due to the likely end of a career in the Lionel Messi national team, therefore, the national team will play with double motivation!

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