Designing the Perfect Recreation Space in Your Office

Gone are the days of stiff offices that were only meant for work. Now employees expect offices to have areas where they can communicate, unwind, recharge and even improve work relationships. Recreational spaces reduce stress and the risk of burnout, and they can be essential in maintaining a collaborative atmosphere in the office. Although every office is different and has some work cultures, some recreational space ideas work for most offices.

Create Spaces That Encourage Conversations

Employees should be encouraged to get to know their colleagues better, especially if the work they do requires a lot of collaboration. Creating a recreation space that encourages conversations can help achieve this. Start by finding comfortable furniture and arranging it so that it encourages conversations. Ensure that the decor also creates a relaxed environment so there is no pressure on your employees. Adding a coffee table can also make the space more functional, and an option for eating or having a beverage together. The coffee table also makes the space more conducive for lounging around when employees are away from their workspaces.

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Provide Quiet Spaces

Recreational spaces are meant to help employees take their minds off work for a bit. This helps them relax so they can return to their work in the right headspace. Quiet spaces can also be crucial for helping employees think through solutions they would like to implement for some tasks they have to complete. For these reasons, consider adding a space that is dedicated to this purpose.

Start by finding plush and comfortable furniture. You can even use the furniture to create quiet nooks for individual employees. For employees who want more relaxing options, you can consider bean bag chairs. These are very relaxing and comfortable, and employees can use them in a variety of ways. The black bean bag chairs from Comfy Sacks are a great option as they fit with most office decor and can even be in areas where employees take quick naps to recharge.

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Create Spaces That Stimulate Creativity

Creativity is an invaluable asset to today’s businesses, and this is why many businesses emphasize encouraging and enhancing it. Bright colors, comfortable spaces, ergonomic furniture, and smart designs can all help stimulate creativity. Have a theme and follow it to ensure harmony in the space. For example, choose a color pallet and paint the walls and furniture in those colors. Artisan rugs and art prints are also a good idea for the space.

Provide Different Activities

Not all offices require an activities area, but it can be a great addition to your recreation areas. Instead of choosing which activities to include, conduct a short survey so your employees can choose for themselves. Involving them like this will make them feel included and that the final options were not forced on them. This is a great way to ensure that they take part in the different activities included.

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Recreation areas can enhance the office environment and have numerous other benefits. Strike a balance between letting your employees relax and the company’s overall goals. Accept feedback to ensure employees feel they have some ownership of the recreation area.

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