How to Get Back into Reading if You Fell Out of Love with Books

There is nothing quite like a good book – they provide escapism, entertainment, and company when the reader needs them most. However, with so much else to catch your attention alongside work, school and household chores, weeks can sometimes slide by without a word being read. Whether you’ve fallen out of love with reading or simply think you don’t have time to dedicate to a new novel, this short guide will run through some useful tips for getting back into page turning.

Start Slowly

The unopened book on that shelf truly can look long and overwhelming when you haven’t been in the habit of reading for a while, which only puts you off reading it for longer. To try to break through this barrier, remember that you can start slowly, picking the book up for just a few minutes at a time rather than committing a whole hour to make it through the opening chapters.


A study showed that even just six minutes of reading can significantly reduce stress, allowing clouded thoughts to drift away as you begin to focus on the words in front of you. This slow and steady reintroduction to reading could help you get to sleep or reduce anxiety on your commute.

For this approach, you could consider finding a book of short stories or, as around 28 million Americans do each year, try reading poetry. A shorter form of prose or verse could be the catalyst you’re looking for – as you begin to spend more time with books you can then advance onto the hefty tome you’ve been leaving to collect dust.

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Get Recommendations

Do not be afraid of asking your friends for recommendations – if they are a bookworm themselves and know your personality, they should be able to match you up with something to relight your reading fire. Another method for motivating yourself to read with recommendations is to join a local book club. These may be based at libraries, schools, city halls, or even online and are low-pressure environments in which to share opinions, theories, and favorites with like-minded individuals.

Be Comfortable

Comfort, eye condition, and setting are all big factors in how enjoyable it is to read. Make sure you’re using proper lighting, so your eyes don’t get tired and, if you need them, don’t shy away from wearing your reading glasses. Even better, no longer require glasses by undergoing premium cataract surgery and liberate your eyes to make long periods of reading much more comfortable.

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Sit with a good posture in a supportive chair where you can rest your arms while holding up your book – tired arms and tired eyes will lead to you giving up much quicker than if you treat your body with care.


Reading is like riding a bike. You might think you’re unable to pick up a book and read like you used to, but you will surprise yourself with how quickly the power of reading takes hold and takes you back to when you first fell in love with the written word. Getting back into the habit is about finding that spark, not forcing or pressuring yourself, so just take it slow, get comfortable and rediscover a world away from your own.

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