Deciding on a Dab Rig: The Different Types of Dab Rigs Explained

Dab rigs are made in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. From complex multi-perc versions to futuristic e-rigs, it’s understandable one would become overwhelmed when browsing their options. Luckily, most dab rigs fall into a few main categories and can be identified by their prominent features. With this guide, you’ll be able to identify different types of rigs and understand what each brings to your smoking experience.

Glass dab rigs

Glass rigs are the most common version you’ll find at smoke shops or online vendors. Their straightforward design is perfect for those just dipping their toes into dabbing. Glass rigs are often made with borosilicate glass, making them highly durable in the case of an accidental spill. Prices of glass rigs range from affordable to luxurious, depending on the brand and size. Overall, glass rigs offer value without sacrificing a quality smoking experience.

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Mini dab rigs

Miniature dab rigs are, you guessed it, small in size and often simple in design. Although the main chamber in a mini rig is shrunk down, downsizing produces richer and more flavorful hits. Both compact and efficient, these pieces are beloved by smokers who prioritize effortless storage and durability. The subtle design is also perfect for those constantly on the go.

Silicone dab rigs

Made from a stretchy rubber material, silicone dab rigs are practically shatter-proof and extremely long-lasting. Most versions are compatible with glass accessories so that you can add your favorite downstem or bowl at your leisure. Silicone rigs are also known for their vibrant color and unique patterns, like rainbow tie-dye rigs and ombre versions. In general, silicone dab rigs are perfect for accident-prone smokers looking for a low-maintenance rig.

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Electric rigs, or e-rigs, are both compact and convenient. Made with everything needed for a superior hit, e-rigs are ideal for smokers who don’t like fussing with accessories. The high-tech version also offers precise temperate control, immediate heating time, and long-lasting battery life. So if you are someone looking for a quality rig that fits in the palm of your hand, an electric rig is perfect for you.

Honey straw

Honey straws are also called nectar collectors, and their vertical design sets them apart from other dab rigs. The straw-like rig features one main glass tube, mouthpiece, and sometimes a built-in water chamber. Many smokers view honey straws as the most convenient and great tools for large smoke sessions. To use, simply place the preheated titanium tip directly onto wax concentrate and inhale.

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Recycler rig

Recycler rigs offer smooth hits by pushing vapor through a complex set of percolators and tubes multiple times before inhaling. The intricate piece is often large in size and is sold at a higher price point. The luxury rig is worth its cost, however, as smokers hail recycler rigs for their rich and flavorful hits.

Final thoughts

As dabbing becomes an even more popular choice for smokers, the range of unique rigs on the market will keep expanding. From high-tech electric rigs to indestructible silicone versions, there is a dab rig for every kind of person. With this guide, you’ll be able to navigate the wealth of options with ease.

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