How to Find the Payout Percentage on Slot Machines

Slot games are many gamblers’ favorite picks. That is a statement that particularly holds in the digital sphere, where these products boast gameplay with levels of complexity unseen in the land-based sector. That said, complicated and feature-rich bonus rounds are not what draws most players to titles from this genre. That gets owed to the simplistic rules and lucrative money rewards that loom in games from this casino category. The latter is more easily attainable at so-called high-payout slots. The definition regarding what titles classify as such and their specificities gets explained in the sub-headings below.

What Are High Payout Slots?

High-payout slots are ones that boast higher winning probabilities than the industry’s average reel spinners. Know that this differs concerning physical machines and virtual ones. Reel-spinning products available at online casinos, as a rule of thumb, have much higher return-to-player specifications, also known as RTP, than those found at brick-and-mortar locales. That is so because operators have minuscule operational costs regarding offering these gaming options to customers. On the other hand, land-based operators must pay maintenance fees, electricity bills, wagers for property staff, and more. Due to this, regulators give them more leeway in offering lower-payout machines. So, it is paramount to note that a low RTP online game can be a high one at physical gaming venues.

Keep in mind that jackpot reel spinners can also get labeled – high-payout slots. These have looming mega wins, but the chances of anyone hitting the needed symbol combos to take these home are astronomical, akin to winning the Mega Millions lottery.

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Are High-Payout Slots Worth Playing?

It depends on their other specs and how high-paying they truly are. The online average hovers around the 95%-mark, while the machine one is in the mid to low-80% range. Anything above these figures gets considered a high-payout title. In general, know that this spec usually gets paired with low variance.

Variance is an attribute that defines how often and in what amounts a product will distribute its accumulated funds. A high one means that it will seldom churn out rewards. Yet, when it does, these will be sizeable prizes. A low variance signifies the opposite. That a title will frequently give players winning combos, but these combinations will not yield super attractive rewards. They will be modest ones.

As mentioned, high RTP slots are, as a rule, also low-variance ones. Their chief drawback lies in that while they list a sizeable win probability for a gambling game, their potential winning sums are not that impressive. But, some exceptions, like RTG’s Diamond Dozens playable at Red Dog Casino, do exist, as this is a slot with a low variance but a jackpot of x15,000 a player’s wager.

What Are Slot Payout Percentages?

They are the rate with which a reel spinner returns the money wagered on its reels. For example, a title with an RTP of 90% will keep $10 of every $100 bet for its offered service and return the other $90 to its gamblers as various reward amounts. Variance determines in what increments and how regularly that will occur.

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Casuals and those not knees deep into online gambling can think of RTP as the odds in a slot game. The return-to-player spec is nothing more than a spinner’s house edge, implementing a reverse percentage format. That is all.

For most table games, the house edge falls in the 2% to 4% territory, and when slots get close to this landscape, they get ranked as high-payout products. It is virtually impossible to locate a physical gambling machine that comes near this winning ratio. That is why it is a better move to enjoy slots over the World Wide Web. Remotely, at high-end gaming platforms.

Where to Discover the Payout Percentages of Games

The best method is to select casino hubs that transparently list the specs of all the titles they host in their gambling catalogs. Yes, gamblers can find the RTPs of slots from their providers, but the problem with this is that these specs don’t always correlate with the ones they will get at a given site. Operators often get access to multiple RTP options, and they choose one that they believe suits their client pool. Technically, the same reel spinner can have varying RTPs at different casinos. That is why it is paramount that players learn the one that their operator has chosen.

Slot reviews posted on interactive gaming websites are terrific sources of online gambling info. And some of their analyses go so far as to mention a game list of potential RTPs.

Best Payout Slot Machines

According to industry experts and experienced players, these are the best payout slots on the internet:

  • Swindle All the Way – Here is a 2017 title from online casino software pioneer RTG, which boasts a stunning RTP of 98.5%. It has a jackpot prize and a max bet option of $125.
  • Gold Rush Gus – Gold Rush Gus is a game from UK developer Woohoo, a company that delivers exclusive slots to Bovada and its sister hubs. It has a payout rate of 98.48%, a max win of x1,000 on a maximum wager of $100.
  • Hollywood Reels – Concept Gaming is a company few lay gamblers know. Nevertheless, this highly-underrated provider of software casino action has been responsible for some of the most exciting releases of the past few years – Hollywood Reels is one such case, a slot with an RTP of 98.1% and a progressive reward.
  • Good Girl, Bad Girl – Betsoft was, and probably still is, the industry’s premier supplier of 3D slots. Good Girl, Bad Girl is one of the most famous spinners this Malta-based brand has ever put out. Its RTP stands at 97.7%, coupled with a medium variance.
  • Enchanted Garden – Another RTG release makes the cut. It is an older one from 2011 with a staggering combo of low variance and an RTP of 97.5%.
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Final Word

Gamblers who want to remain profitable should check to see if their chosen casino platform has games with a return-to-player percentage above 96%. If they do, that list should then get browsed for ones boasting a low variance. If such choices exist, those are ones that should get played, as they guarantee the best odds for staying in the black.

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