How Pet Wellness Brands Can Amp Up Their Email Strategy

Going through 126 emails isn’t an easy task for email users, but when you are sending an email as a pet wellness brand, things tend to be easier, isn’t it? However, despite the extra oomph that the furry beings add to your messages, it is indeed essential that you keep your email strategy fresh and performance-oriented.

At times, you may run out of ideas, be it creating graphics or email copywriting, but it’s necessary that your emails resonate the energy as the pets that love your products. You can either pick Mailchimp or Salesforce email templates for creating the email templates. To make things easy for you, I have picked some amazing examples here. Let’s begin.

#1 BarkBox – Strengthen Your Visual Game

The moment your subscribers think of anything associated with their pets, the pet itself is the first thing to cross their minds. If you want to make space in their hearts, it is very important that you associate your products with their pets’ happiness and welfare. Your choice of images will play a large role in the process, as visuals will quicken the association process.

In the below example, BarkBox has displayed how choosing the right visuals can make you so much more convincing with very little effort. They have portrayed the pet, music, and the festive backdrop in complete harmony to create this wholesome email:

(Image Credits)

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#2 PetSmart – Invest In The Power Of Words

If email marketing were to be a zoo, the art of creating compelling email copy would be surely labeled as the ‘endangered species.’ While any email user won’t be interested in reading extended pieces of copies, your subscribers might think otherwise if you are a pet products brand.

However, you can exercise this option at a relatively low frequency, and the copy you send in your emails needs to be actually insightful and readworthy. This goes without saying that you must also use images as necessary or go with an all-text email like PetSmart if you feel that the wordings provide self-sustaining value, as seen in the below example:

(Image Credits)

#3 Rowan – Project The Heroes In The Hero Images

Hero images are arguably one of the top focus areas for both subscribers and email marketers when it comes to marketing pet wellness brands. Keep in mind that many people would scroll Instagram endlessly to see images of their favorite furry friends.

As a rule of thumb, you must personalize emails to contain a hero image of your subscriber’s pet type i..e, the particular breed of dog or cat that they have. On top of this, you may also remember that the hero image’s color scheme should resonate with that of your Salesforce email templates like in the below example:

(Image Credits)

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#4 Rover – Build Up On Visual Storytelling

Here’s another great way to amp up your pet wellness brand’s email strategy- leverage visual storytelling. “What goes in my dog’s mind” is a frequent thought that every pet owner goes from time to time and Rover aced at capitalizing on it.

You may use an email copy to appear as if it were the pet’s thoughts and even go on to create a little conversation in your email. Even adding simple pointers would do the job as long as you project a clear message:

(Image Credits)

#5 Wild One – Master Crisp Email Copies

Remember how PetSmart crafted an interesting yet comprehensive email copy above? If you feel that such emails won’t be too suitable for your subscriber base, creating a combination of crisp email copies and good visuals is your de facto choice. However, the email copies should be much smaller than other industries, and in a way, they must resemble how we talk with pets.

This is an important factor when it comes to churning email copies for pet products as it strikes relatability and the very thought process associated with pets. Have a look at the illustration of mastering pet-focused email copies from this Wild One email:

(Image Credits)

#6 Pagerie – Don’t Be Afraid Of Getting Inspired

If there is one thing that I would point out that is lacking in many pet wellness brands’ emails, it is the lack of inspiration in their images. People love dressing their dogs and doing everything that they would have done to their human child, but most brands simply miss out on this aspect.

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It is important that you pick child-focused concepts and blend them with your pet products to make pet parents feel happy and curious about what they can do with your products. It helps them connect with your brand and make purchase decisions based on emotional affinity, just as shown in the below example. Pagerie has illustrated a dog’s image, which resembles a modeling photoshoot here:

(Image Credits)

Wrap Up

Most of the technical aspects like setting up workflows and creating different email series remain standard across industries. Creativity is the key factor when it comes to building your brand, and for pet wellness products, you need to take it one step forward. With the help of these inspirations, you can rethink how you approach your email strategy and create a unique perception of your brand.

It is not necessary that you always go overboard when considering the creative side of your messages, but it should be consistently focused on striking relatability and passing on the good vibes.

Author: Kevin George is Head of Marketing at Email Uplers, one of the fastest growing custom email design and coding companies, and specializes in crafting professional email templates, PSD to HTML email conversion and free HTML email templates in addition to providing email automation, campaign management, and data integration & migration services. He loves gadgets, bikes, jazz and eats and breathes email marketing. He enjoys sharing his insights and thoughts on email marketing best practices on his blog.

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