Secrets Of A Beautiful Smile

White and Bright Teeth

A beautiful smile is one of the indispensable prerequisites for an aesthetic and elegant appearance. Therefore, it is very important to have healthy and harmonious looking teeth, and in order to get them, first of all, oral and dental health must be fully ensured. White, properly aligned and symmetrically aligned teeth are the mainstay of aHollywood smile. However, these necessary conditions for a beautiful smile may not always be available from birth, and some cases during the growth stage, such as smoking, coffee and alcohol abuse, can cause the appearance of the teeth to lose their aesthetics as well.

In such cases, you can have the most beautiful smile again with the help of a professional dentist, Healdone’s expert teams add a difference to your life by designing the smile you want. Well, how to have a beautiful smile with the help of an expert? Here are all the details you need to know about cosmetic dentistry!

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A beautiful smile is very effective in making people feel better about themselves. Dental beauty applications are special activities that are performed to reach the most beautiful smile. So we can arrange the secrets of a beautiful smile as follows:

The most important key to an effective smile, is teeth that look white and bright. Regular brushing of the teeth maintains the whiteness of the teeth, in addition, reducing the consumption of products such as coffee, cigarettes or alcohol is also critical to a beautiful smile. Professional teeth whitening is the right choice for anyone who wants a guaranteed result.

Correctly proportioned and arranged teeth

Another essential component of a beautiful smile is having the teeth properly proportioned and aligned. Sometimes, due to structural factors, deterioration and curvature of the teeth can be observed. In such cases, the use of orthodontics, especially in the early period, is an effective method that can be used to improve the smile. Orthodontics can also be used in adulthood.

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Hollywood Smile

The gorgeous smiles of Hollywood stars who have left their mark on the entire world can also be achieved with the right cosmetic dentistry. A Hollywood smile is not a dream with porcelain veneers, bridgework and teeth whitening procedures. In addition, a Hollywood smile can be obtained when necessary with the quality of Heldon, as during this process, jaw aesthetics can be performed using tools such as wires.

Dental Aesthetics

As in the whole body, some cosmetic problems may occur in the area of the teeth and jaw as well, so you can chooseHealdonecosmetic dental applications to get a brighter and more attractive smile. Among the cosmetic applications of the teeth are the correction of the tooth structure, the elimination of orthodontic misalignments, the treatment of crooked teeth and the treatments of veneers.

Braces Process

The most important factor for a good smile is the regularity of the tooth structure, as in some cases, the tooth structure may deteriorate due to factors such as the unbalanced appearance between the lower and upper jaws, especially the curvature of the front teeth, and the irregular appearance of the teeth during the growth period may cast a shadow on the beauty of the smile . All these situations can be resolved by simple orthodontic treatment performed with the quality of Heldon, where it is possible to use wires prepared according to the structure of the tooth in the period of growth as well as in adulthood. With these therapeutic applications, crooked teeth can correct themselves. This treatment period ranges between 6 months and 1 year, to get the most beautiful smile as a result.

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If you want to dazzle those around you with your beautiful smile, you can count on the quality of Healdone. Make the right choice for yourself by connecting with the experts here to design your smile and get other cosmetic procedures done!

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