Dangers Of Delayed Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer is one of the most tragic diseases one can have. With low survival rates, the news that you have cancer is never pleasant. Some types of cancers, when identified in their early stages, can be treated. The same illness, when delayed, can become fatal. Therefore, it is important that doctors diagnose the disease properly.

Negligent behavior can result in severe medical damage. If cancer is not diagnosed and treated correctly, it can manifest into a fatal disease. Losing a loved one because of carelessness can be infuriating. If a negligent doctor injured you or your loved one due to a delayed cancer diagnosis, speak to Albany Delayed Cancer Diagnosis lawyers today.

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Is cancer misdiagnosed often?

Unfortunately, cancer goes unnoticed and misdiagnosed by even the best of doctors until the damage to the patient becomes untreatable and irreversible. About 12 percent of cancer patients in the US with breast, ovarian and cervical cancer are misdiagnosed every year. Diagnosing every type of cancer is not easy, and it can become difficult for your physician.

Moreover, physicians also misdiagnose cancer as another disease, resulting in wrong treatment. Doing the wrong treatment wastes one’s time and money and may ruin their health even more.

It is essential to learn the symptoms of misdiagnosis and get help early. If you were misdiagnosed, look out for the following signs.

  • Your health has been deteriorating even after the doctor said you were fine.
  • The symptoms you were experiencing have been becoming worse as more time passes.
  • The treatment plan is not congruent with the patient’s symptoms.
  • The doctor makes a confirmed statement based on a single test result.
  • The doctor ignores certain symptoms.
  • The doctor is not able to answer the patient’s questions regarding their symptoms properly.
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Who is responsible?

At the end of the day, the only thing that a victim is concerned with is the liable party. While you may think your case is straightforward, other parties might be responsible for your condition. Lab technicians, nurses, sonographers, medical labs, and clinics may be responsible as well.

Damages in a cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit

If you were injured by a neglectful medical provider, you might be entitled to various types of damages. While the exact amount will differ from case to case, some common damages include hospital bills, medication costs, specialist treatment, lost income, etc.

There are also noneconomic damages like pain and suffering, loss of a companion, loss of enjoyment of life, altered quality of life, etc.

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