Clear out every myth relating to CBD


Like every effective and popular element, Cannabidiol has its share of mysteries and myths. Usually, it is potentially effective for various diseases and issues related to anxiety or panic disorder, depression, heart ailments etc. In fact, it’s been claimed that it is used to get relief from pains and symptoms of deadly diseases like cancer.

Myths about CBD

We deliver only the highest-quality cannabis seeds, which are sourced from stable mother plants with excellent strain characteristics and first-class genetics. Following are a few of the myths which must not be taken seriously:

Additive in nature

Well, there has been a notion in many that it is quite addictive to have. However, there is no base in this. In fact, on the basis of the comprehensive report of the World Health organization, Cannabidiol does not have any such potentially dangerous elements. As per the report, there are no potential elements that can trigger any abuse or dependency amongst humans.

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There is no difference between Cannabidiol and Hemp Seed

It’s a fact that both are hemp-based. However, what we tend to forget is the fact that hemp leaves, stalks and flowers are the sources of Cannabidiol Oil. On the other hand, Hemp seeds are the sources from which Hemp seed oil is extracted. Another essential thing to notice is that it does not contain any CBD but Omega Fatty acid and other necessary vitamins and minerals.

No substantial medical research is done

Contrary to the myth, as per WHO, JustCBD has been quite effective in treating epilepsy. Additionally, there has been preliminary evidence that can vouch for its effectiveness on multiple critical diseases. For example, Cancer, Parkinson’s complications related to diabetes, Psychosis related issues, Alzeheimer’s are few, where Cannabidiol can be helpful.

Equally effective on everybody

The functionality and effectiveness will entirely depend on the health status, genetic elements, and the endocannabinoid system’s interaction. The endocannabinoid system may vary based on the life patterns, environments and other relevant factors and seek more support than anticipated. Moreover, several things will depend on your usage pattern and dose.

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There are people who are happy to use this to bring in a little bit of joy or momentary relief. At the same time, the other chunk’s primary need is to deal with the pain and other related symptoms of a disease.

The Safety concerns

Again, being conscious of the side effects of any medical substance is okay, but spreading rumors can potentially damage it—in spite of all the hullabaloo with the safety concerns, WHO has given it a clean chit. In a report published in 2017, they have assured that Natural Cannabidiols are pretty safe and the tolerance level is in sync with the human body. Moreover, they have also claimed that this is in no way related to any adverse health effect.

In this context, it was also excluded from the World Anti-Doping Agency’s banned substances. In fact, athletes and sports persons can opt for it but with proper monitoring of THC level.

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Does not create any conflict with ongoing medications

Based on many clinical types of research, it’s been found that this substance can alter the way some other drug functions in general. Drug interactions can have a profound impact on your health, which is beyond your anticipation. Therefore, it is essential that a general physician or expert is consulted before you opt for using Cannabidiol.


The use of this substance can boost the mood for many and reduce the anxiety issues for many. This happens as the serotonin level goes up; serotonin is a potent chemical that can help us feel happier.

There has been evidence that usage of Cannabidiol can boost up the level of Anandamide, a chemical that makes us happy.

Therefore, we must try and avoid the myths that have a wrong perception created on CBD. However, there is no alternative to being careful and sure before experimenting with any medicine or substance.

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