Best Computer Forensic Tools

These days, the pieces of evidence which obtained via computer are the most reliable ones as the computer can’t lie. Digital pieces of evidence encompass the un-filter type of respondent’s activity and keep the record in their direct actions or words. However, few of the individual reported that make use of digital info like the evidence is not a good idea. If it is much easier to modify the data in computer then how would it be utilized as the most trustworthy evidence? On account to find out the entire unseen detailing which remains available or in the course of an incident then this is the point where computer forensics can be used. The emphasis of the techniques of computer forensics is to keep a searching, reserve and determine the sets of info on computer networks to identify the true evidence only for trial. At this stage, computers become more influential every day, so in that case, the computer forensic industry should increasingly evolve.

In previous times, there were a great number of tools of computer forensic are available which were utilized to execute the forensic tactics to the computer. Over time, the whole process of evidence removal has progressed. Recent and modern professionals are more frequently conducting live analysis; it is a procedure where the collection of data is done from the device in the form of the questions. On the other side, along with the increase in the complexity of the network, the procedure becomes unproductive. Sooner or later, techs were generated to remove the evidence, and there is no damage or modification in the data.

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Useful Computer Forensics Tools

Conversely, we make a list of some of the best forensic tools which give you the benefit of using computers:


The S.N.S Investigative-Forensic-Toolkit i.e. SIFT is an Ubuntu-based Live Compact Disk that encompasses the entire tools which you are required to perform a detailed incident response or forensic examination. The free of cost SIFT tool kit which would associate any up to date incident-response and forensic-tool suite is included in S-A-N-S’ Advanced-Incident-Response course i.e. FOR 508 too. It shows that progressive inquiries and responding to interruptions would be attained by making use of front line tools of open-source which are totally accessible and recurrently updated. It provides assistance analysis of the Expert-Witness-Format, Advanced-Forensic-Format i.e. AFF, and RAW formats of evidence. It comprises tools just like a timeline from the system-logs, Scalpel for file carving of the data, Rifiuti for identifying the recovery and there are many more.

ProDiscover Forensic

ProDiscover-Forensic is an influential tool for the computer security which allows the computer experts to trace whole data on the computer disk, it simultaneously secures the evidence and then generates quality reports that are based on evidence for usage in the legal records. It would make the recovery of those files which were deleted, observe slack-space, approach Windows. Data streams and enable the preview in a dynamic way and image capturing of Hardware-Protected-Area i.e. HPA of disk usage on their own founded tech. It’s not an easy task to keep the data secret from the ProDiscover-Forensic, and the reason is that it goes through the disk on the most sector level.

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Volatility Framework

Volatility-Framework published at BlackHat, and it was publically done, relying on numerous months of released academic research in the most up to dated forensics and memory analysis. This framework presented the influence on the individuals so that they can analyze the run time state of the network by making use of the data which is available in unstable storage i.e. RAM. Volatility framework offers a cross-platform, segmental, and such platform that boost more and more work in such a stimulating research domain. Volatility offers an exclusive platform too – which allows front-line research to get transitioned immediately on the way to digital detectives. It is now turning into a vital digital exploration tool depends on the law, armed, academic world, and commercial detectives across the globe.

The Sleuth Kit (+Autopsy)

Sleuth-Kit is a bunch of tools that are command line and allowing a person to identify the disk images as well as get recovery of files too. The essential function of The-Sleuth-Kit i.e. TSK is to let a person examine file system-data and the volume. The plugin structure lets the individual integrate further modules on account to examine the contents of the file and generate automated networks. In general, Autopsy is not difficult though it’s quite easy to get hands-on it; a program that is based on GUI lets us examine hard drives and mobile phones adequately. It owns a plug-in design which assists in finding out the add-on components or generate customize modules in the Python or Java.

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Network-Forensic-Analysis-Tool i.e. NFAT rebuilds contents of the achievements that were acted out with the packet sniffer. This tool assists us to remove and recreate the entire website pages as well as its contents such as cookies, images, files etc. It’s connected by default in main accounts of digital-forensics as well as penetration-testing.


OS-Forensics is multi-purpose and free of cost software from the Pass-Mark Software Pty-Ltd offers the firmest and productive ways on account to find out the archives on the Windows system. It provides a thorough identifying way to expose unseen data in the computers and the digital storing devices.

X-Ways Forensics

In the end, X-Ways-Forensics is the quite modern working environment for forensic experts. It’s a movable, well-organized, fast tool which finds out those files too which was deleted. Moreover, it contains some of the exclusive features too. These characteristic includes: running off the USB-stick on different certain Windows network and there is no need for installation. It also views and keeps editing the binary sets of data that use templates.


At last, every topmost tool of Computer Forensic provides a huge range of great characteristic. The presence of digital devices is universally, and they are considering as the main cause of evidence in the context of the cybercrime. Among from the entire devices, laptops and smartphones seem to be the great weapons that can be utilized in cybercrimes. It’s essential to own information security certifications for better understandings and approach your requirements while finding which network you would select. Furthermore, it’s required to own a detailed understanding of the functions of these tools.

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