What is Big Data Analytics & Where Does it Fit into Your IR Strategy?

Big data can cause big headaches for Investor Relations Officers (IROs). While you’re collecting more data than ever before, you don’t have any more time in the day to spend on analysis. As a result, the chances you miss something important rise significantly as your data sets grow in volume.

If you think your team could be overlooking critical insights about investors, big data analytics can help you extract useful information and identify trends in engagement metrics.

Industry experts at Q4 Inc call this software engagement analytics. The latest engagement analytics from Q4 relies on state-of-the-art machine learning and AI to sift through expansive data and highlight what really matters.

Big data or engagement analytics — whatever you call it, this ground-breaking software can help you hone your IR strategy.

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What is Big Data Analytics?

Engagement or data analytics is a way to handle the increasingly large amounts of raw data your team collects every day. It includes tech that collects, processes, and cleans visitor behavior from your vast digital engagements. The latest software can consolidate several different systems into one place, including your IR website, capital markets events, and IR CRM app, for example.

Next, it prepares this information for analysis and visualization. The latest IR tech relies on sophisticated AI, machine learning, and deep learning methods to compare digital behavior to current and historic data on institutional investors, ownership, activism, stock price, and content publication.

This automated review extricates valuable information and flags patterns in digital behavior. All in all, it curates your massive online engagements, leaving behind only actionable insights.

What Are the Advantages of Engagement Analytics?

Integrating engagement analytics into your IR strategy will come with many changes.

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Streamlining Workflow

First and foremost, it will change the way you approach your workday. By automating complicated and time-intensive data processing, your team can focus on the high-touch tasks of outreach and targeting.

Improving Targeting

Regarding targeting, purpose-built engagement analytics can help you pinpoint new investors who have shown digital interest in your content.

Prioritizing Outreach

Because of its broad view of your digital engagements, this IR software will consider existing shareholder attitudes and behavior toward your brand. IROs and C-Suite will be better prepared for meetings knowing what shareholders have seen, downloaded, or participated in online.

Responding to Activism

Not all engagements are positive. Engagement analytics includes surveillance reports that may raise red flags in investor behavior, alerting you to possible activist campaigns in realtime.

Empower Decision Making

Your team will feel better about taking proactive action (targeting, outreach, or activism response) when they know all the data has been considered.

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Removing Barriers

Collaboration between IROs, other departments, and C-Suite is easier when you rely on sophisticated IR tech. The latest engagement analytics software not only aggregates all your data in one place. It’s also cloud-based so that authorized individuals can access pertinent informationon the go.

Measuring Performance

Analytics can track reception to each new launch of content, ESG initiatives, downloadable publications, and events. You’ll be able to see what resonates with which investors. Depending on these engagements, you can determine whether your IR narrative appeals to the right investors.

Bottom Line:

Digital acceleration isn’t going to slow down any time soon. If you expect to keep pace with big data, you need better software that can handle it. Consider upgrading to engagement analytics software to help you turn overwhelming data into actionable insights.

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