All About Email Validation And How It Works

What is email validation?

Email Validation represents an operation that verifies if an email address can be delivered to and if it is valid. It operates by running a fast process that identifies typos, whether they are innocent errors or misdirects done purposefully. It also has the function of confirming if a specific email address exists within a trustworthy domain. An excellent example of a reliable field would be Gmail or Yahoo. This not only aids in the process of arranging and tidying one’s email addresses list, but it can also aid with guarding one’s email sender score, maximizing the efficacy of the email program.

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The purpose of email validation

o Getting a clean, organized, fresh, and up-to-date base of customers.

o Decreasing the risk of ending up in the spam folder.

o Keeping the mailbox (or the domain) trustworthy.

o Enhancing the percentage of delivery and deliverability overall.

Reasons for getting into the spam folders

o There are a lot of nonexistent email addresses in the database.

o The letter might contain a lot of links to outside resources, principally ones that raise suspiciousness

o There are a lot of words of spam in the contents, as well as exclamation marks and capital letters.

o The domain is new and lacks a reputation; consequently, mail servers look at it with suspicion.

o The content of the letter does not match its title, and, as a consequence, users mark these letters as spam.

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o DNS records for the domain utilized for mailing purposes are typed wrong.

How exactly do the services validate the emails

The majority of the validation services do the following:

o Email de-duplication. This means the email validator aids in the process of eliminating duplicate addresses and will display to you solely the ones that are unique.

o Syntax check. The list of email addresses is entirely cleared from addresses with syntax errors.

o Domain check. The service identifies all the emails with inactive or inaccessible domains.

o MX records сheck for every mailing address.

o SMTP check. Service connects to SMTP servers, copying the sending of an email message.

o Checking the mailbox. In the eventuality of the box being full, then the email will instantly be considered a risky one.

How often should you validate databases?

It is crucial to keep the quality of the email database. Therefore, it is advised to clean it and re-organize it regularly, at least once every six months, depending on the size of the database. The more extensive the database, the greater the chance of it having invalid email addresses over time, resulting in needing to be validated more often.

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Why is the low-quality database dangerous?

Going over the limit amount of invalid addresses and complaints leads to limiting the mail delivery to the inbox. In the eventuality of an email containing more than 5% errors or mistakes, the risk of getting considered spam is very high. Letters have the risk of being entirely rejected by a mailbox. Consequently, it is very crucial to control the percentage of mistakes and errors.

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