A Beginner’s Guide To Motorcycle Gear

As a beginner, you probably have plenty of questions when it comes to motorcycling gear. This article aims to answer these for you. This way, you will know precisely what you want when buying motorcycle gear.

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Protective Gear?

When it comes to motorcycle gear, you have plenty of choices! What is necessary? What brand should I go for? What works best for me? So many questions, and we have the answers for you. Have a look at ChromeBurner motorcycle clothing to find the perfect fit for you!


When it comes to motorcycle gear, the first thing we think about is the helmet. But here, you have multiple choices, for example, the full-face helmet, the ¾ helmet, and the ½ helmet. What are the advantages and disadvantages? The full-face helmet provides the best protection but is at the same time the one with the most little ventilation. It might be difficult to hear if the helmet is too tight. The ¾ helmet does not protect your face but comes with a flip-down visor. This helmet is not recommendable for long rides. You can also go for the ½ helmet, which barely protects your head. We do not recommend this type of helmet.

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A jacket (even in summer) is highly recommendable since it will protect you from the sun and provide an additional layer in case of a crash. These motorcycle jackets also come with extra protection, and therefore we advise you not to go for any jackets but specific motorcycle jackets.


Many people don’t even think about gloves, but they are essential because they will protect your hand and your knuckles in case of a fall. It is also another protection from the sun or colder weather.


Boots give you a good grip and protect your feet in case of a fall. Therefore having thick booty is essential.

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Motorcycling pants are surprisingly comfortable and highly recommendable, especially those made out of thicker material and extra protection on the knees and hips.


Suits are the alternative to pants and jackets since it is motorcycle gear, one suit. If you prefer the suit or the jacket and pants, it is entirely up to you. These suits are usually made of leather and more comfortable than you would think. They will offer you complete body protection in case of an accident.

Insurance Protection

Not only the right motorcycle gear is essential but also the insurance. We advise you to go for a two-wheeler insurance policy that will protect you and your motorcycle. It will cover all the costs in case of damages and hospitals. You can get insurance quickly through the internet.

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Additional Safety Motorcycle Protective Gear

We already told you about the most popular pieces of motorcycle gear, but there is more! You can also get extra body armor that protects you compared to a jacket, pants, or a suit that still allows air to stream through. This means that even in summer you will stay cool. It is lightweight and recommendable. If you don’t have a helmet with a shield, you should look into extra eye protection. Same when it comes to ear protection, see what areas of your gear might need some additional pieces. You indeed will find the right items. Also, always keep in mind the length of your journey, since longer rides require more comfortable and even safer equipment.

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