8 Tips for Using TikTok Can Help Your Brand with Celebian

TikTok and Musically have both been around for a while, but the app is only now starting to make waves with brands. TikTok has become especially popular in the past few months as it continues to add features that make it easier to use in an advertising context, such as branded stickers and videos.

It’s a fun way to interact with your audience in a unique way and build brand awareness at the same time. Below are some tips on how you can use this app effectively:

1- Create short, engaging videos.

When creating your own TikTok videos, it’s important to keep them short and engaging. You want to catch the viewers’ attention right away by using catchy songs and fun filters. If you can create a unique story around your product or service, even better! The best way to do this is by making sure that all of your videos are less than 15 seconds long.

Your video should be a simple introduction of what you do as an organization or brand without going into too much detail at first (this will come later). Just make sure that people know who you are and what exactly makes you different from others in your industry.

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2- Buy Instant Likes

Buy instant likes, comments and views. Buying these is the fastest way to get started on TikTok and will help you grow your audience quickly. As a bonus, building up your fan base helps you get more followers over time as well.

If you want to boost the number of people who follow your account right away (or in just a matter of hours), buying them through Celebian is one way to get started on TikTok.

3- Be creative and real with yourself

One of the best ways to get people to follow you on TikTok is by being creative and authentic.

  • Be creative with the content you post. You don’t have to be an actor or comedian, but try making videos that are fun and engaging for your audience.
  • Be yourself! Don’t try to pretend like you’re someone else because it’s not as authentic or interesting as videos where people show their true identities and personalities. If they can relate, more likely they will follow back!
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4- Interact with TikTok users

Interacting with TikTok users is a great way to build engagement and get more followers. Use the comments section to respond to users, ask questions, and ask for feedback or help. You can also use the comments section as a way to tell people what your brand is all about—this will help you build credibility and trust in your brand.

5- Make sure you know your audience

One of the most important things to remember when using TikTok is to make sure you know your audience. Use hashtags appropriately and engage with your audience by following those in your industry. This can help build trust and engagement with consumers who may want to work with you later on down the road.

In addition, when posting videos on TikTok, make sure that it’s clear what type of content you are sharing! There are some filters that work better for certain types of content than others, so find out which ones work best for each type before posting anything live or in the pre-production stages.

6- Be timely and relevant

Your content should be relevant to the time of day, location, and season. For example, if you’re shooting a video on a winter’s day with snow falling around you, use #winter or #snowboarding and be sure to tag local businesses that offer snowboarding services!

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7- Use trends and hashtags creatively

Get creative with your hashtags. If you’re not sure what’s trending, use a tool like Hashtagify to find out what people are talking about in real-time, so you can be part of the conversation!

Don’t just use the most popular hashtags; use ones that are relevant to your videos. Remember that these are organic conversations happening between users who may not know anything about you— so think like an artist and let creativity guide you toward unique ways of connecting with these communities.

8- Run Paid Ads

TikTok ads are targeted based on interests and demographics, so they’re likely to reach people who share your values. You can also use ads to promote your own content, or the content of others that you think will resonate with your audience.


TikTok is a powerful tool for brands to reach new audiences and build their community. There are many ways to use it, but one of the most important things you can do is focus on creating engaging content for viewers that will keep them coming back for more.

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