Will AI Take Over SEO Marketing?

Kylie Henderson has helped create multiple successful SEO marketing campaigns over the years and has stayed on top of the latest trends and developments in this field. However, the expansion of artificial intelligence in SEO has become a serious concern for many people. Is it possible that AI could take over SEO marketing? Here’s what you need to know if you work in this field.

Kylie Henderson: Why Artificial Intelligence is Beneficial

Many writers and designers in the SEO realm are terrified by the development of artificial intelligence that may take over their jobs. For example, some companies are already using AI to write very basic copy and visual design software to create images. Does Kylie Henderson believe that this will destroy jobs or take over the SEO marketing world forever? No, but there will be changes.

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First, there’s nothing like a truly creative human mind to craft powerful and meaningful marketing campaigns. Simply put, artificial intelligence is only as good as the people who created it. There’s no real creativity involved: it mostly gathers words and sentences from elsewhere and mashes up images and phrases that can be coherent for short periods but which quickly lose focus.

Furthermore, SEO marketing isn’t just about spamming content and getting numbers up for views. It’s about connecting with the reader and page viewer and making a real human connection. There’s no way that a computer program, no matter how cleverly designed, can do that. Yes, they can put together serviceable sentences and decent outlines. But they can’t replace the raw creativity of a marketer.

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At least not yet any way. And Kylie Henderson isn’t worried about that happening any time soon. Remember when futurists predicted that computers would pass the Turing Test by 2029? That’s the test that reveals whether intelligence is human or artificial. No program has come even close to passing this test, which shows that creating true intelligence with ones and zeroes may be outside our range of possibilities.

That said, there’s no reason that AI can’t help an SEO marketer! For example, you can hook your writers up with AI writing programs that brainstorm ideas and titles and collect research. Writers can then sort through this information and create better copy. Visual design software may spark a unique approach that your human designers can use to create striking images.

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That’s why Kylie Henderson and others have embraced the potential of AI in the SEO marketing world. While there is a chance that it could eliminate some low-level jobs, such as poor-quality writing or basic copy creation, there’s no way that it can take over very creative writers and designers.

Yes, writing software and visual design programs have come a long way in just a few years. But the fact that they can’t handle long-form content now or produce visual images without strange distortions makes the SEO realm fairly safe from a complete AI takeover. Instead, you can use artificial intelligence to enhance creativity.

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